Week In The Life (Acid, Acid, CO2)

Carbon dioxide, rainbows, and birthdays equal another full week. πŸ™‚

Language arts, Sky started the American Girl series Rebecca as a read-aloud continuing on our trail of Russia, Jewish culture and now immigration. Little Sis finished The Jewel Kingdom, The Ruby Princess Runs Away and I read Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat.


The girls copied an autumn poem, continuing with our measurement of time theme, and Little Sis’s word of the week was dormant. Miss Sky’s Latin root word was luc and she continued working on analogies.

Plus Little Sis has been write, writing away in her new journal.


Mathematics, including the measurement of time, we did a week of review practicing what they have learned thus far and worked a puzzle.


300 pieces are the perfect amount right now being challenging enough to take a while but also being able to complete it in an afternoon (especially if it is raining). I popped in some music and away we went which brings me to….

Social studies: American history, I searched our music collection for what was playing during the 1900s (1914 the year of the Rebecca series to be exact) and could only come up with the CD Songs Played On The Titanic. There were a few songs mentioned in the series like Take Me Out To The Ball Game and Animal Fair so I pulled them up for a listen on YouTube. Being silent movies were just beginning I figured lots of piano music. Our favorite silent movies that would fit in perfectly here is Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid and The Circus.

We also watched the movie An American Tail (thanks to Sky’s interest in Don Bluth’s animation) which brought up discussions about immigration and Ellis Island.

World history, we watched David Macaulay’s Pyramid (from Netflix) and the YouTube series Crash Course about Egypt.

Science, working out of a book I found at Goodwill titled Science for Fun Experiments by Gary Gibson we made a chemical indicator using red cabbage and tested different acids and alkalis.


The acids turned our indicator solution red and alkalis turned blue.


Next, we found out what happens when we mix an acid and base together creating carbon dioxide.



We also made a CO2 sandwich outside right before the rain came in.



We were able to actually see the gas rise out of the bag once exploded, it was pretty cool.

After the rain mother nature produced a most beautiful spectrum of light (or both a reflection and refraction of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere) right outside our door.


I love when she cooperates like that.

Once understanding what carbon dioxide is and how it is used the girls made their most favorite science project ever



chocolate cake. The recipe is a chemical reaction of vinegar and baking soda (or CO2) baking together.

Cosmos where we learned about carbon dating, Pangaea, continental drift, Marie Tharp, and the Atlantic mid-ocean ridge.

The Arts, we watched the musical Cats again after reading the book. We were able to understand and appreciate it even more.

Health/ PE, Walking Away The Pounds where Miss Sky had made it to 2 miles.


From the kitchen, thanks to Papa, the most awesome gluten and dairy free cake ever.


It was my birthday treat. He used King Arthur’s gluten free yellow cake mix substituting vanilla Silk and Earth Balance for milk and butter. I see this cake and fresh strawberries in our future very soon. πŸ™‚

Peace for the journey.


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