Week In The Life (“Don’t Soil Yourself”)

Hope all you mamas out there had a wonderful mother’s day. Yesterday here in Indy started out beautiful then quickly turned to storms, hail, and tornadoes. We very much needed the rain though. We’ve had a pretty dry spring here and I am predicting, though hoping I am very wrong, drought in our corn belt state but enough gloom and doom.

Language Arts: Sky read book 2 Rebecca and Anna, Little Sis read Mummies in the Morning from the Magic Tree House series, and I read The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt.


The girls copied the last season poem, winter and Little Sis’s word of the week was forged. Miss Sky’s Latin root word of the week was culp. She also learned about idioms. Both girls are fans of the Amelia Bedelia books so this pretty much a review for her.

Mathematics: more review for both girls and games.


3DS Nintendogs plus Cats was Little Sis’s game of the week were she earned over $800 to finally purchase a cat she named Snow.

Social Studies: World History, we watched the WW1 Crash Course video from the series and the movie War Horse as a family (thanks Dad 🙂 ). This movie carries a PG-13 rating due to some intense war scenes and may not be suitable for sensitive children but if you are looking for an accurate WW1 movie I highly recommend this one. Besides Hiddleston and Cumberbatch (typing over fangirl screams) the horse will tug at your heart.

American History: deep discussions about immigration and how scary it must have been to move to a new country. Discussions about my great-grandparents who immigrated from Belgium in 1910 with my grandparents being first generation Americans.

We watched the Crash Course video of America’s involvement in WW1 and listened to the song The Grand Old Flag on YouTube. We are also enjoying the Perils of Pauline serial. Though the series we are watching came out later in the 30s you can still get a feel of the times. We also had fun learning about the actress Pearl White from my home state of Missouri.

Science: I will start with Cosmos and Michael Faraday’s inventions of the electric motor and electromagnetism. Only 3 episodes left 😦 .

This week we dug deep into the topic of soil testing the PH (pun intentional).


We found out our soil’s PH was alkaline probably due to us composting our wood ash (whoops). We also did an experiment to see how much clay, sand, and silt was in our soil.


We added a mixture of peat, top soil, and sand onto our soil before planting our potatoes, onions, watermelons, and sunflowers hoping to bring down the PH (and no more composting wood ash).


I used the worksheets from Education.com.


The Arts: We watched the 3D animation of Peter and the Wolf (available for streaming on Netflix).


We have a CD of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf so the girls are already familiar with the music. Sky and I happened to catch this animated version on PBS a few years ago but Little Sis had never seen it. Another beautiful animation but again it does show the wolf eating the duck so it may not be suitable for sensitive children.

P.E./ Health: Walking Away The Pounds.

From the kitchen: due to the warm weather, and not using the oven, the girls took the opportunity to fill the freezer with eggless chocolate chip cookie dough bites.


These are one of the girls favorite summer “no-bake” treats.

Whew, peace for the journey and…..



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