Week In The Life (Where Have All The Flowers Gone?)

Happy Memorial Day.

Papa and I both history lovers have viewed a lot of war movies together, some definitely not suitable for children. However one in particular has became a family Memorial day tradition in our home, The Fighting Sullivans will leave a lasting impression that is for sure.


As far as our week well,

Language Arts: Continuing with our measuring time theme the girls have moved on to months copying the first 4 months of The Garden Year poem by Sara Coleridge.


Miss Sky worked on both words adopted by other languages and oxymoron’s with her Latin root word being lev. Little Sis’s vocabulary word was solemnly.

Miss Sky read book 3 of The American Girl Rebecca series and Little Sis finished book 2 of The Jewel Kingdom.

Mathematics: Besides sticking with our review the girls played more Money Master from Math is Fun with Little Sis playing Add and Remove and Miss Sky playing make change, and of course games. Miss Sky and I did rock, paper, scissors probability from education.com.


I found out I must not like paper as I threw rock and scissors equal amounts.

Science: Continuing on the trail of acid, bases, the 3 properties of matter, touching briefly on the water cycle, and still conversing about Dirt The Movie we did the Pretty Flower experiment from the book Science For Fun Experiments with our peonies.


This experiment helped explain how water is carried up by the flowers roots, stem and dispersed through the flower turning the water into a gas. Did you ever wonder what happens to the water from the flower vase?

This also helped explain and brought up a wonderful discussion, if soil is Earth’s skin and the roots of plants are like veins carrying nutrients up into the plant then the plants eat whatever we put into our soil. Which leads to us eating whatever is in our soil. Not just on the outside but inside the fruit or vegetable itself, why organic is the better choice.

But with Earth constantly recycling our water supply, yeah we could be drinking dinosaur spit 🙂 , then even though our garden is organic we are still getting pesticides from people who spray their farms and lawns every time it rains.

We did the same experiment with celery and watched Bill Nye’s episode on flowers.

We also mummified an apple.


5 days later


The mummified apple weights less because the salt mixture soaked up all the apple’s moisture.


These topics brought out our DK Science Encyclopedia.

Social Studies: American History: We watched movie shorts from Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton. It is no wonder actor’s careers didn’t last long back then hurting themselves for a laugh. I much prefer Laurel and Hardy not because they were better but it hurts me watching Keaton perform some of his stunts. We are enjoying our movie study very much. 🙂

World History: Miss Sky: “Mom did Egyptians drink wine? I know the Romans did.” Papa: “I think Egyptians drank beer.” Me: “Well let’s pull out the Living Long Ago book and have a look.” We were eating breakfast.

P.E./ Health: Walking Away the Pounds.


Home Economics: With the return of the heat the girls made gluten and dairy free Rice Krispy treats.


They taste best the next day after sitting and I love them with peanut butter spread on top. Yes they are another pretty popular “no bake” summer treat.

From the kitchen: The best vegetable broth!



We love our chicken and beef broth and now we have vegetable broth for meatless nights.


The Arts: We finally watched the movie Frozen as a family. It was actually Little Sis, while flipping through The Art Book, that said this painting is in Frozen (the girls watch song clips of movies on YouTube before we watch the movies.). The painting is The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard. Yay for our home library.

Peace for the journey.


One Response to “Week In The Life (Where Have All The Flowers Gone?)”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    As usual, a gorgeous collection of activities that make me want to move in with you all! I feel like the last family on earth to watch Frozen!

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