Week In The Life (Breaking The Cycle)

There are a few things I have observed this week. One, the weather here has been beautiful and the girls have been distracted. Who can blame them when I myself am distracted. So this means moving toward lighter weeks.

Two, sticking to reviewing math while doing more “hands on” science projects is working. Being able to work on math problems they are already familiar with frees up more time to talk about things they are not.

Note to self, Hey this pace is working for ya so don’t try to cram everything in all at once! Now to actually remember this, well that is a different story.

Language Arts: The girls copied the Rice Krispy recipe into their recipe book and copied part two of the Garden Year poem.


Little Sis’s memorization of the months is coming along nicely. Her vocabulary word of the week was clutches, she worked on antonyms and synonyms, and started book 3 of the Jewel Kingdom.

Miss Sky’s root word was medi ,she continued working on words adopted from other languages, and read book 4 of the American Girl Rebecca series.

Mathematics: I mentioned review which has helped me get an idea of where Miss Sky needs a bit more time. I also started them playing Blink solitaire. This is actually a warm up to help get them focused on their work and has been helping. We also watched Bill Nye’s episode on probability.


Science: Cosmos, I loved last night’s episode on climate change. It fit right is with our CO2 projects. Not trying to give away my age but I do remember Jimmy Carter’s presidency and his talks on solar energy from the 70s. I can’t believe we are having these same conversations in 2014! I wonder why America is not number one in science.

We watched Bill Nye’s episodes on Chemical Reactions, Earth’s Seasons, and The Water Cycle.


I put some water in a Ziploc bag and taped it to our window to help explain how Earth’s water supply is constantly being recycled. With the girls already understanding the 3 states of matter we talked about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and accumulation.

I poured a glass of water on our driveway outside and the girls measured the puddle with chalk.


It took our puddle 20 minutes to evaporate back into the atmosphere.

Social Studies, American History: Continuing with movie history we had fun learning about the actresses Mary Pickford, Theda Bara, and Helen Badgley.

Home Economics: The girls made Muddy Buddies


and Little Sis is learning how to sew while waiting for Sky to finish up her work.


She drew the picture on burlap with markers.

From the kitchen: Sun tea,


one tea bag per cup of water. Sit out in the sun 2-4 hours, refrigerate right away. There is a chance of bacteria growth when making sun tea but I was raised on it and have never had any problems. On real hot days don’t leave out longer than 2 hours and always make sure to refrigerate.

From the garden: We added straw to our garden this year to help control weeds and to help keep moisture from evaporating as quickly. The best time to buy straw is in the fall and letting it sit until spring. This helps it compost quicker and not spread as many seeds, from the straw, causing more weeds.


Our garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, sunflowers, and peppers are coming along nicely. We still need to plant broccoli and spinach.

Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (Breaking The Cycle)”

  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    I love your days! Can I send my kids around for a bit?

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