Week In The Life (Separating Is Part Of The Solution)

Hello June!

It seems weather is running a bit behind schedule. May here in Indy is known to be rainy but this year June is kicking off to a wet start, not to mention the windows are still open and no air conditioner (yay). I for one am glad, Spring here up until these last few weeks has been dry. June our garden loves you!

Language Arts: The girls copied the last 4 months of The Garden Year poem.


No root or vocabulary words this week as they also copied The New Colossus poem by Emma Lazarus, thanks to Miss Sky reading book 5 of the American Girl Rebecca series.


Book 5 starts with Rebecca’s brother’s Bar Mitzvah celebration, this started a 2 hour conversation on gender discrimination and women’s rights.

When first starting this series Miss Sky wasn’t exactly thrilled to be reading it but as the series unfolds the girls are really enjoying it. Miss Sky: “This series is going to lead us right into women’s rights, I can’t wait.”

Sky did work on clipped words and Little Sis learned about diphthong words as well as finish book 3 of the Jewel Kingdom series. After she finishes each one she says, “I think this one is my favorite.” :). They also added the Muddy Buddy recipe to their cookbooks.

Mathematics: The girls played the Grocery Game.


We cut food items out of a weekly circular, added prices, making sure to have taxable food items too, and glued them to index cards. The girls each took turns picking out their items while one was the cashier. Little Sis counted out the correct money and Miss Sky counted back correct change in her head using the method I showed her.

We also watched Bill Nye’s episode on Time learning about the International Date Line, time zones, and speed of light.

Science: Beside saying good-by to Cosmos 😦 “So mom what are we going to watch now?”, continuing with mixtures we learned how to separate solutions using filtration


(dirt, water and a coffee filter)



and evaporation.


(a few spoons of salt and warm water)

We covered the salt water mixture with plastic wrap, after testing its saltiness, and placed it directly in the sun while we watched Bill Nye’s The Sun episode. Then we went out and the girls tasted the mixture’s condensation and discovered it was not salty. I asked why, because the water from the mixture is evaporating with no place to go. Then we took off the plastic wrap and let the sun do its work.


(After about 3 days in direct sunlight)

We did the same thing with sugar and water.


If I ever do this again, next time I will leave out the food coloring.


Social Studies, American History and Geography: We learned about the history of Coney Island

as well as the fashions of 1914 thanks to my Vintage Fashion board on Pinterest. We also learned the history of the Statue Of Liberty.

World History: We learned about the Colossus of Rhodes statue which brings me to…

The Arts: Salvador Dali’s painting of Colossus of Rhodes. We watched Mary Pickford’s Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm on YouTube and had a Hobbit marathon watching The Desolation of Smaug as a family.

Okay personal opinion? Did Peter Jackson need to break this movie up into 3 parts? No, did he add a love triangle and more that’s not in the book? Yes, does the CGI kick ass? You betcha! You can tell he put a whole lot of effort into these movies and know what? I like them. 🙂

Home Economics: Peanut butter fudge


times two with a batch in the freezer, man this stuff doesn’t last long around here.

P.E./ Health: Besides Walk Away The Pounds, we had a park day filled with play and trails.


Peace for the journey.


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