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Week In The Life (Every Second Counts)

July 22, 2014

Alright, we are finally ready for our summer transition! It seemed like we would never get here. What a productive year we’ve had so far and the plans are ready for lots more come fall.

Using what is left of summer as a check point I am really happy with our progress thus far. I do see some trouble areas that needs a bit more time however overall both girls have worked really hard and deserve to enjoy their free time to explore more of their own interests.

Beginning with the girls discovering a new 3DS game they wanted. The girls pretty much do their own shopping and pin whatever it is they want to my Post It Pinterest board. When we are able to afford it they choose what is of more importance and both girls were ready for a new game. Tomodachi Life was that game. It has been the game of choice for days and both girls rate it right up there with Scribblenauts (and that is saying a lot).

Mathematics: Though we are always playing a quick game here or there through out the year, summer opens up more time to pull out the longer ones, play more than one hand together as a family, and being that I am always scouting for new games now would be a great time to introduce one or two. 🙂


Speaking of time we finished our measurement of time lessons with seconds.


Language Arts: The girls copied the poem in their notebooks. Little Sis finished High Tide In Hawaii and I read the Research Guide Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters.

Science: We watched Bill Nye’s episodes on Earthquakes and Storms.

Social Studies, American History: We had conversations on when Hawaii became a state, its capital, along with the history and culture.

We finished watching the television series That 70s Show together as a family. Each year we pick a television series to watch and discuss as a family.

We do not shelter information from our children. We do not force feed information down their throats either. Both girls can choose not to watch if an episode gets too intense or uncomfortable (this goes for anything we may watch). We have had many, many, many open conversations from doing this and all of our girls can (and have) talk to us about *anything*.

Yes I am the parent that watched the movie Thirteen with our then 13 (now 24) year old daughter and *not* because I think I am a cool mom but because Papa and I want our children to get correct information from us not their peers. (Reminder to self, time to watch that with Sky.)

The previous year we finished Roseanne taking us through the 90s, now we have started Family Ties taking us through those 80s.

P.E. Walking Away The Pounds

The Arts: We watched Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (loved it!) and Ponyo once again. We also watched part one of The Nostalgia Critic’s Disneycember.

From the Kitchen:

Grilled tortilla pizza. I use gluten free tortillas but you could use pita bread too. Let cook on low about 8-10 minutes depending on how crunchy you like your crust.

From the garden:

Sunflowers, fried green tomatoes, grape tomatoes added to our summer “salad bar”, and breakfast burritos are in rotation. I eat the red pepper, jalapeno egg mixture with hot sauce and a bit of shredded cheese without tortillas.

Peace for the journey.


Week In The Life (The Sound Of Musicals)

July 11, 2014

Such beautiful weather we’ve been having here in the Hoosier state! It made for a perfect 4th of July holiday weekend.


Which leads me right into,

Social Studies, American History (yep changing the line-up a bit which is destined to mess me up entirely): We watched the Crash Course July 4 special video.

Language Arts: Sky read aloud Junie B. Aloha-ha-ha and Little Sis started Magic Tree House High Tides In Hawaii.

Independent reading, Little Sis started the Kitchen Princess manga again


(she has already finished that book) and Sky still has her nose in fan fiction which I knew would eventually lead her into writing her own stories. “Mom I could right better stories than some of these.” I believe she can too. Little Sis has been writing her own stories as well.


Mathematics: Copying the measurement of minutes poem,


more review and games.


(Little Sis is the Sorry Champ.)


Science: Besides spotting the first hummingbird of the season in our backyard, we watched Bill Nye’s episodes on the Earth’s crust and volcanoes. We also made a simple bug motel in our garden.


Now to attract those Ladybugs.

The Arts: We watched Disney’s musical of Annie and Mary Poppins.

P.E. Besides Walk Away the Pounds we received our winter’s supply of firewood.



Little Sis helped Papa load the wheelbarrow while Sky and I stacked.

From the garden: Our garlic is ready to be cured.


This is half our crop so far.

Peace for the journey.

Week(s) In The Life ( Zoo-rific)

July 4, 2014

Well a few months ago, because spring had been so dry here, I predicted drought. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. I think I needed to water our garden twice so far this summer. It has rained at least once a week. The temps have been beautiful! Todays high mid 70s. It has put a bit of a damper on the girls swimming though. However they did manage to sneak in a few days.


So not being on my blog for awhile I noticed my pictures added from Flickr only show the links for some reason. I tried to fix some but honestly I really just don’t have the time to fix them all. I don’t really know why now all of a sudden it might have changed.

Anyways we had a lovely little break. I decided that we will finish up a few things these next few weeks and then take the rest of summer off, still keeping a bit of routine with reading aloud and math review. I mean we started in January and almost have our 180 days in already. Honestly it works out great this way, this is when we are the most busy outdoors and being that we never stop learning anyway. Why not?

I think after all these years of homeschooling we have finally found *our* groove. Homeschooling is so different in many ways. It’s not just school at home, been there tried that even if it was Waldorf school. It’s not unschooling, or not schooling because you are in some ways “schooling”. No matter how pretty you package it up or try to sell it, this is the 21st century and school is part of society. Being at home there are *many* different ways to learn a subject. My youngest learned to read while playing Animal Jam on the computer, I didn’t need worksheets. However they still need to learn to read or do long division even if it’s just to get a GED.

It’s a whole different concept of combining life skills with learning. I know why schools came to be, and for many they are the only way some children stand a chance of receiving an education and some children truly want to go to school, but that ship has sailed (grow and evolve, all things must pass). It’s saying HEY wait a minute, we don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. We have a choice.

Don’t get me wrong homeschooling is hard. Sky is going to be in 8th grade, 8th grade! It has taken me all this time to find what works best for us. Some days I think what the hell am I doing? Who do I think I am? But they are learning, they are learning to survive in *their* century. They are learning WAY more than I ever did at their age and that keeps me pushing on. I see a new generation of children in our future. A generation of free thinkers and life changers and that makes it worth it to me. 🙂

So what have we been doing besides swimming, uhem ?

Language Arts: Reading Coraline, and listening to the Snow Queen.

We wanted to see how much of Frozen was from the tale being I had never read it myself and honestly it wasn’t one of my favorites. The girls rate it a 5 out of 10. It had a lot of possibilities but they fell flat in my opinion. Maybe I’m being a bit too hard or we are just spoiled by Lewis and Baum. Let’s just say we like the movie Frozen better.

We loved Coraline and watched the movie afterwards. We all agreed there were parts we liked from the book better but also we thought parts from the movie worked better too. We gave the book and movie 9 out of 10.

Sky created her character’s (for the story she is creating) 6 page “wiki” while on break.


Mathematics: Moving on measuring time with hours,


and games.


More review for Sky and The Tables for Little Sis.


Science: Bill Nye science guy episode on the moon and the zoo.




P.E. Walking Away The Pounds.

The Arts: Besides the movie Coraline we watched Disney’s musical The Newsies, Shirley Temple’s Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (which had nothing to do with the book other than the character Rebecca living somewhat on a farm), Saving Mr. Banks (This movie gets a 10 from me but Mary Poppins is my 6th most favorite movie and 3rd favorite musical. Yes I am all about lists and ratings. 🙂 ), and Thor 2. Also the girls and I have been getting in with the series Yu-Gi-Oh which Miss Sky discovered.

From the Garden: We are almost ready for a batch of fried green tomatoes, my most favorite food. Everything is doing great, our soil is beautiful and lots of lighting bugs and bees have been surrounding me while pulling weeds. No praying mantis or ladybugs yet. I am wondering if it is because of the rain. We are hoping to build a ladybug home in our garden soon.

From the kitchen: My most favorite new breakfast, green eggs and ham omelet.


Spinach, feta cheese and ham.

I learned some good news and bad news about my food sensitivities. One I can have lactose free dairy products which includes a few hard cheeses but there are a lot more foods added to my can’t eat list like legumes, soy, onions, garlic, apples, honey, high fructose corn syrup, and broccoli along with the dairy and gluten. It’s called the low FODMAP diet. I ate soy to replace the dairy and we ate lots of beans but my body just can’t digest them causing me all kinds of pain. I am in the elimination period and feel the best I have in years. I have been off my prescription acid blocker now for 2 months. Not even needing TUMS. I have been taking an acid blocker for over 5 years. Finally, finally getting answers!

Here I am once again learning how to cook a new way. 🙂

Peace for the journey.