Week In The Life (The Sound Of Musicals)

Such beautiful weather we’ve been having here in the Hoosier state! It made for a perfect 4th of July holiday weekend.


Which leads me right into,

Social Studies, American History (yep changing the line-up a bit which is destined to mess me up entirely): We watched the Crash Course July 4 special video.

Language Arts: Sky read aloud Junie B. Aloha-ha-ha and Little Sis started Magic Tree House High Tides In Hawaii.

Independent reading, Little Sis started the Kitchen Princess manga again


(she has already finished that book) and Sky still has her nose in fan fiction which I knew would eventually lead her into writing her own stories. “Mom I could right better stories than some of these.” I believe she can too. Little Sis has been writing her own stories as well.


Mathematics: Copying the measurement of minutes poem,


more review and games.


(Little Sis is the Sorry Champ.)


Science: Besides spotting the first hummingbird of the season in our backyard, we watched Bill Nye’s episodes on the Earth’s crust and volcanoes. We also made a simple bug motel in our garden.


Now to attract those Ladybugs.

The Arts: We watched Disney’s musical of Annie and Mary Poppins.

P.E. Besides Walk Away the Pounds we received our winter’s supply of firewood.



Little Sis helped Papa load the wheelbarrow while Sky and I stacked.

From the garden: Our garlic is ready to be cured.


This is half our crop so far.

Peace for the journey.


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