Week In The Life (Every Second Counts)

Alright, we are finally ready for our summer transition! It seemed like we would never get here. What a productive year we’ve had so far and the plans are ready for lots more come fall.

Using what is left of summer as a check point I am really happy with our progress thus far. I do see some trouble areas that needs a bit more time however overall both girls have worked really hard and deserve to enjoy their free time to explore more of their own interests.

Beginning with the girls discovering a new 3DS game they wanted. The girls pretty much do their own shopping and pin whatever it is they want to my Post It Pinterest board. When we are able to afford it they choose what is of more importance and both girls were ready for a new game. Tomodachi Life was that game. It has been the game of choice for days and both girls rate it right up there with Scribblenauts (and that is saying a lot).

Mathematics: Though we are always playing a quick game here or there through out the year, summer opens up more time to pull out the longer ones, play more than one hand together as a family, and being that I am always scouting for new games now would be a great time to introduce one or two. 🙂


Speaking of time we finished our measurement of time lessons with seconds.


Language Arts: The girls copied the poem in their notebooks. Little Sis finished High Tide In Hawaii and I read the Research Guide Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters.

Science: We watched Bill Nye’s episodes on Earthquakes and Storms.

Social Studies, American History: We had conversations on when Hawaii became a state, its capital, along with the history and culture.

We finished watching the television series That 70s Show together as a family. Each year we pick a television series to watch and discuss as a family.

We do not shelter information from our children. We do not force feed information down their throats either. Both girls can choose not to watch if an episode gets too intense or uncomfortable (this goes for anything we may watch). We have had many, many, many open conversations from doing this and all of our girls can (and have) talk to us about *anything*.

Yes I am the parent that watched the movie Thirteen with our then 13 (now 24) year old daughter and *not* because I think I am a cool mom but because Papa and I want our children to get correct information from us not their peers. (Reminder to self, time to watch that with Sky.)

The previous year we finished Roseanne taking us through the 90s, now we have started Family Ties taking us through those 80s.

P.E. Walking Away The Pounds

The Arts: We watched Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (loved it!) and Ponyo once again. We also watched part one of The Nostalgia Critic’s Disneycember.

From the Kitchen:

Grilled tortilla pizza. I use gluten free tortillas but you could use pita bread too. Let cook on low about 8-10 minutes depending on how crunchy you like your crust.

From the garden:

Sunflowers, fried green tomatoes, grape tomatoes added to our summer “salad bar”, and breakfast burritos are in rotation. I eat the red pepper, jalapeno egg mixture with hot sauce and a bit of shredded cheese without tortillas.

Peace for the journey.


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