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Week In The Life (Universal Truths)

August 25, 2014

Well summer has finally arrived. The air conditioner is back on after a long hiatus. Days of full sun has our tomatoes ripening in mass quantities, like all of them at once. SO this means lots of tomato sauce being made. Which means …..

From the kitchen: first batch of pizza sauce.


Which means family game night and grilled pizza.


Which means our tomato crop is much better than I originally expected.  

From the garden: I have noticed more stink bugs in our garden this year. They haven’t really hurt much of our crop but there is one plant that seems affected. I have been picking the Roma’s right before turning red to see if it helps. If not we will at least save the seeds. They are both good and bad to have as they do eat other garden pests.

We do have a spider that has moved into our bug motel. Papa caught a fly and threw it into the spider’s web. Speedy quick how fast it was on that fly. I am keeping fingers crossed that it might help with our stink bug population.

I have yet to see any praying mantis or ladybugs this year. No ladybugs is really weird for us, we always have ladybugs. The crickets however are crazy in numbers again. When walking outside at night it seems like they are attacking you. Everywhere they are!

From the study: I mentioned family game night.


Yep, the plastic Disney Pictionary hands were dusted off for another fun filled evening. How many times of “keep your plastic  hands to yourself” is too much? Thank goodness we adults were able to set better examples. 🙂

Reading, Pippi Longstocking and “Why would having a dad king of cannibals be exciting again?”

Watching, Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (Which we really like. The 20’s are becoming one of my favorite time periods in history and the animation has an art deco feel at times.), Princess Mononoke again, and the documentaries Did God Create The Universe and Alien Galaxies and Alien Moons from How the Universe Works. Possible life on moons, truly fascinating.

The girls have been drawing more with their 3DS graffiti than with paper right now,




(Little Sis)

at least what they are willing to share, creating characters and storylines.

Peace for the journey.


Week In The Life (Getting Back In Time)

August 18, 2014

Did I mention I am glad we are on a break? From a more academic schedule that is not from life. No, life sure has a way of jolting you back to reality doesn’t it?

For my readers not in the states, though I’m sure you are up to date, lots of sadness in our news of late. I have written before how I am not a drama seeker. I try my best to stay away from headlines and media. I carry bad news deep into my core where it tends to stay longer than I would like. Empathy can be both a gift and a curse.

It can be hard sometimes finding where to draw the line of discretion. How involved to be with current events. I do believe we all have responsibility to stay informed with civics and since Papa and I have added the responsibility of educating our children it’s even more important that we are. Most of the time Papa is my “muffler” but he too is only human. And sometimes I think sadness is a good thing, it brings change. I truly feel for those facing sadness right now and offer hopefulness to find inner peace.

From the garden:


Our yellow potatoes were ready. I would say another 10 pounds worth. We have decided to add more space to our garden next year for a larger potato harvest.

The turnips we planted, for a fall harvest, are popping up and tomatoes are more in abundance.

From the kitchen: So that means more tomato sauce, 6 more jars to be exact. We also froze 20 more ears of corn. Staying with preparations for winter, didn’t winter just end? Where has time gone?, we drove out to the farm to pick up our supply of chickens.


From the study: We watched the episode of Extreme Planets from How the Universe Works. We also watched the Disney movie Bolt and Back to the Future. “1.21 gigawatts !? “

We started Ramona and Her Father, are waiting for season 2 of Yu-gi-oh to arrive, played games,


and Walk(ed) Away more Pounds.

Peace for the journey.

Week In The Life (Not So Quiet On The Homefront)

August 11, 2014

Enjoying our break we are. Busy we have been. So much goodness coming from the garden and kitchen.

From the garden: Our onions are ready for curing.


The first batch of Roma’s were ready to make into sauce, which we use throughout the year for chili, pizza sauce, and sloppy joe (that I eat over a baked potato or sweet potato).


This year I want to keep track of how many jars I need to get us through the winter. I think our supply will be less this year due to the cooler summer we had. I jar salsa, with our tomatoes, to replace tomatoes for tacos during winter too. Papa will not eat tomatoes unless they are homegrown.

From the kitchen: We froze our first batch of corn.


We go through about 50 ears of corn during the winter and spring.

I tried a new recipe over the weekend that was a HUGE success.


Gluten-free zucchini bread pancakes. They are SO good I am making up batches to freeze for when I crave something sweet. I have reduced my sugar intake drastically. They are good to eat plain, to me they taste just like zucchini bread. I can’t wait to try my hand at pumpkin and gingerbread pancakes.

Okay for the recipe, I used my most favorite gluten-free pancake recipe, which I use maple syrup in place of the honey,

and added 2 cups grated zucchini, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp. nutmeg, 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 cup chopped walnuts. Delish!

From the study: Besides our usual game play,


Science: We watched the movie Life of Pi again. This time from the point of views of “science” and “religion”. We had many discussions about evidence verses faith.

We watched the Discovery Atlas Hawaii episode and How the Universe Works episodes Extreme Stars, Black Holes, The Big Bang, and Alien Galaxies.

American History: We watched the movie Summer Story, which is another installment of stories from Jean Shepherd who wrote The Christmas Story. It was fun to see life in the 40s for the average Hoosier family.

We finished Ramona the Brave and started Ramona the Pest. I accidently grabbed the wrong Ramona book reading Brave before Pest but being we have read this series more than once it really doesn’t matter which order we read them. They are a favorite around these parts.

P.E. Sticking with Walk Away The Pounds, I myself am ready for the 3 mile. Sky is too but I won’t push her she can quit after 2 miles if she wants.

Peace for the journey.

Week In The Life (Our Mutual Core)

August 1, 2014

Well the children in our school district are back in school. The neighborhood has been quiet. We live within walking distance of all the schools in our district and it is bitter sweet seeing all the children walking back and forth from school. In the morning their steps are slow and quiet. On the way home their pace has quickened. I still don’t miss it and I know the girls don’t.

I use to ask them before each new year started if they wanted to go to school but now I know they would tell me if they did. It is weird though to think how we just started our break and that the school children’s just ended. How our days have become more relaxed enjoying what the season has left to offer. Like high 70s for the temperature.

From the garden: Our Roma tomatoes are just now beginning to turn red. I’m glad too because this year’s crop has been the best yet (jars are all ready to go as I just finished our last jar for pizza sauce). Our grape tomatoes are plentiful now and we have been enjoying snacking on handfuls in between salads. My new favorite snack, grape tomatoes and sliced mozzarella cheese. 🙂


Our red potato crop was ready (about 10 pounds worth). We our still waiting on the yellow and I tried my hand at sweet potatoes this year which are coming along nicely. Time to till where we had the garlic (that is now cured and ready to eat, putting back a head to plant this fall again) and red potatoes to plant spinach, turnips, and radishes.

From the kitchen: I have been freezing berries for smoothies during winter.


I find it works best to freeze them individually first, slicing the strawberries in half, before storing them in freezer bags. I love adding them to my favorite gluten free oat flour pancakes too (made now with Kefir instead of Silk). Nothing like a taste of summer during winter.

From the home front: Science, science, art, reading, games, science.


Starting with BBC’s Earth: The Biography where we learned about volcanoes, the atmosphere, ice, oceans, and rare earth. We also watched Bill Nye’s episode on evolution. To shake things up I brought in Bjork’s Biophilia album and we watched her videos from the album on YouTube.

Let’s see, Ramona is in circulation again, Tomodachi Life is still very popular, and we watched The Lego Movie. We are finishing up season 1 of Yu-Gi-Oh and the girls introduced me to Death Note which I am loving so we watched the live action movie. Oh and continuing Walk Away the Pounds.

The girls have been drawing away.


(Little Sis)

I have been debating on whether to add Sky’s work as it is getting more mature but she is working hard too.

Peace for the journey.