Week In The Life (Universal Truths)

Well summer has finally arrived. The air conditioner is back on after a long hiatus. Days of full sun has our tomatoes ripening in mass quantities, like all of them at once. SO this means lots of tomato sauce being made. Which means …..

From the kitchen: first batch of pizza sauce.


Which means family game night and grilled pizza.


Which means our tomato crop is much better than I originally expected.  

From the garden: I have noticed more stink bugs in our garden this year. They haven’t really hurt much of our crop but there is one plant that seems affected. I have been picking the Roma’s right before turning red to see if it helps. If not we will at least save the seeds. They are both good and bad to have as they do eat other garden pests.

We do have a spider that has moved into our bug motel. Papa caught a fly and threw it into the spider’s web. Speedy quick how fast it was on that fly. I am keeping fingers crossed that it might help with our stink bug population.

I have yet to see any praying mantis or ladybugs this year. No ladybugs is really weird for us, we always have ladybugs. The crickets however are crazy in numbers again. When walking outside at night it seems like they are attacking you. Everywhere they are!

From the study: I mentioned family game night.


Yep, the plastic Disney Pictionary hands were dusted off for another fun filled evening. How many times of “keep your plastic  hands to yourself” is too much? Thank goodness we adults were able to set better examples. 🙂

Reading, Pippi Longstocking and “Why would having a dad king of cannibals be exciting again?”

Watching, Season 2 of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (Which we really like. The 20’s are becoming one of my favorite time periods in history and the animation has an art deco feel at times.), Princess Mononoke again, and the documentaries Did God Create The Universe and Alien Galaxies and Alien Moons from How the Universe Works. Possible life on moons, truly fascinating.

The girls have been drawing more with their 3DS graffiti than with paper right now,




(Little Sis)

at least what they are willing to share, creating characters and storylines.

Peace for the journey.


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