Week In The Life ( Light For When All Other Lights Go Out)

Autumn is most definitely here, I can feel it in my bones. We can see it in our sleep pattern as well.

Our family doesn’t really have “normal” hours. Papa’s work hours are everywhere. Some days we are up early, mostly in spring and summer, some days you won’t find us in bed until the early morning hours, which I am beginning to see happens mostly come fall and especially winter. This use to bother me as most of the world seems to operate during the early morning hours (most homeschool groups always want to meet at 10 AM for some reason). I have since learned, living in a world where I’m sure it’s morning somewhere, being able to sleep when tired and wake up when rested has its benefits. Not to mention our family functions better at night. This has been a *huge* plus for us homeschooling. If the girls were in school, I would have to keep early hours for their sake and we would never see Papa.

I do however miss the sunlight come winter, why there is nothing better than having a fire in the woodstove and candles. Must have lots of candles burning. I think India may think so too celebrating their festival of lights, Diwali, during fall’s equinox.

From the study, Social Studies, World History: This was our first year learning about Diwali. First we watched 2 documentaries,

then listened to a story about Rama and Sita’s return from exile.


We also made diyas.


We plan on painting then once they have hardened. I love having the extra candlelight around in the evenings.

Geography: We finished The Middle Eastern Globe Trekker series learning about Israel, Sinai, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordon.

Language Arts: We are continuing our audio of the Arabian Nights. The girls have definitely changed their minds on ever wanting to meet a genie. They are not like what Disney taught them, that is for sure.

Their word of the week was hijab and their story starter was begin story with the first sentence, Yellow leaves crackled underfoot. Little Sis wrote hers about running into Yu-gi-oh character Seto and Miss Sky wrote hers about an apocalyptic battlefield. Sky’s story writing is really taking off. We do however need to work on punctuation, which is okay. That is why they are journal writing in the first place.

Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh we finished season 2. Sky picked the anime out to watch because she thought it fit in perfectly with our ancient history studies, and she was right.

We also tried to watch the movie Pippi Longstocking and had to turn it off. Little Sis: “This in not Pippi from the books.” I guess the series had more of an impact than what they thought. 🙂


They also copied a Halloween poem in cursive.

Mathematics: Little sis continued the Table Tree game working on the 4 and 9 tables. Sky worked on finding the greatest common factor first watching the video from Kahn Academy then from chapter 2 of Math Doesn’t Suck. She learned how to find the GCF three ways, the crush factor method, multiplying monkeys, and the birthday cake.

We also learned, thanks to our middle eastern studies, where 60seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour came from. Tying in nicely with our lessons on time from before our summer break. Showing once again how everything connects.

We played Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii for family game night. Another awesome game added to our collection.

The girls made Halloween cut out cookies


and we continued walking away those pounds. Sky: “remember when we first started with the 1 mile, now 3 miles is like nothing.” 🙂

Peace for the journey.


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