Week In The Life (Rock ‘N’ Roll)

What a quick change in weather this week. Monday was beautiful with high temps in the 70s. Windows were open and the girls had on shorts. Halloween was cold and rainy with snow flurries, snow! Man I am not quite ready for snow yet.

Well while the temperatures were still nice, I organized our deep freezers according to cuts of meat and took inventory. Now I know exactly where everything is. I also have my Fall and Winter recipe rotation ready.

I have about 4 recipes for each cut of meat (As well as meatless and fish recipes. Papa works with someone who goes fishing in Michigan during the salmon run and we purchase about 15lbs of fresh salmon. ), 2  using stovetop, crockpot, or grill during late Spring and Summer and 2 using more of the oven during Fall and Winter. I use a calendar as my homeschool planner, not just to keep attendance but I keep track of our weekly meals on it too. This way we never have repeat meals unless requested. The girls would eat chicken and salmon all the time if they could.

We also finally spotted the first ladybugs of the season. Once temperatures began to drop, I moved my organization indoors to the girls closets. Their winter wardrobe is ready and this time I made sure to purchase boots ahead of time. Why do stores not sell boots during winter?

From the kitchen: I have been enjoying snacking on popcorn popped in Earth Balance with just a sprinkle of salt. I am trying to limit my coconut oil intake, which was my favorite way to pop corn, and experimented with Earth Balance. Unlike butter, Earth Balance doesn’t burn allowing it to be used with high heat temperatures.

The girls made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which they devoured.


They used this recipe.


The girls love all things pumpkin and apples.

From the study: Language Arts: We are still listening to the Arabian Nights. Little Sis started Magic Tree House, Season of the Sandstorms. The word of the week was sediments and Sky worked on paraphrasing about sedimentary rocks and Little Sis wrote a story about a volcanic eruption.



They also did a geology word search.


I’ve stopped our daily grammar lessons for now as I noticed a bit of confusion between verbs and adjectives. I think I will wait until next year and listen to Grammarland again to reintroduce all the parts of speech first then pick up the daily grammar lessons again.

Mathematics: I signed both girls up in Khan Academy continuing with Sky practicing greatest common factoring. She prefers the multiplying monkey method, from Math Doesn’t Suck, but sometimes forgets to list all the prime factors getting the answer wrong. So I think we will continue one more week.

Little Sis is working her way through third grade at Khan Academy and she has mastered many of the skills already. She continued the Table Tree game practicing 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, and 11 tables. She is catching on to the tables quick.

Games, I purchased 2 new games, Pass the Pigs and Zoom. Both are pretty much like Toss Up or Farkle. Toss Up is great for younger children helping them count by 10s. Pass the pigs is a step up having to add more than 10 but still simple as most of the points are by 5s. Zoom is a bit harder as it also includes multiplication. I am glad to have all 3 games but if had to choose only 1 I’d pick Pass the Pigs. I mean pig dice, not to mention it is a great travel game and is quick to play anywhere.

Science (fiction double feature): We learned about the rock cycle. We reviewed how the Earth’s crust is made from soil and rocks and discussed what we already learned from our soil experiments. We talked about the 3 groups rocks fall into and discussed how Indiana has lots of limestone and I showed them the picture from the maple syrup festival I took.


Sky had brought home some samples that we looked at. We also talked about our trip to the caves. This brought up erosion. We did a jellybean experiment around last Easter and reviewed the results. We also watched videos about plate tectonics, the rock cycle, Bill Nye’s Erosion, and a camel documentary.


We also did an experiment to make our own stalactites.


Social Studies, Geography:  I printed a blank map of the middle east and the girls filled in the countries they knew.


I helped them fill in the rest. They added this as well as the worksheets above to their timeline notes.


The Arts: We watched From Up On Poppy Hill directed by Goro Miyazaki. We loved it! We also busted out the Halloween movies. Besides our regular favorites, we watched Frankenweenie the stop motion and live action versions then compared. We all agreed we like the stop motion version best.

We also busted out our favorite soundtracks.


P.E.: 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds.

Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (Rock ‘N’ Roll)”

  1. Miriam Says:

    We’ve played Pass the Pigs for many years, on and off- I really like that it teaches kids a little bit about the perils of gambling 😉 Farkle is also a big favorite around here. I’ve never played Zoom or Toss Up.

    I tried Khan Academy for the first time recently, with my 12 yr old. There were some things we liked about it, but he really hated watching the videos and I felt a little frustrated with the way the material was presented. I can still see using it sometimes, but I ended up buying some Mammoth Math curriculum (downloaded then had my husband print it out at work) and so far we like that. We’ve used a lot of stuff over the years, most recently Singapore Math, but I’m always curious about what else is out there.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Sky really likes the videos, she is a visual learner, because when I try to explain it to her she gets confused. I think I add pressure, not trying to at all, and she gets frustrated then I get frustrated so videos work better for the both of us.

      The little one loves math and is able to figure things out for herself. The videos for her are boring. Besides the times tables she has mastered all of the third grade math.

      I love that there are SO many choices now for homeschooling. 🙂

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