Week In The Life (I Ran (So Far Away) )

I forgot to add in my last post that we finally did pull the sweet potatoes, due to the first frost, and though they were growing, they were still far from being ready. I don’t think we will try again next year. We are going to make our garden bigger for more potatoes but since I am the only one in the house who will eat them I can just keep buying them from the store, oh well.

Since on the subject of failures, our science project has not started dripping yet. I don’t know if we used too big a piece of wool or if our salt solution wasn’t enough. I will let it be for 1 more week and if that doesn’t work maybe we will try using baking soda or just scratch the whole thing.

If that wasn’t enough, the girls tried making pumpkin Rice Krispy treats, following the recipe exactly, that just didn’t stick together enough.


They taste alright, after letting them sit overnight, but we probably won’t make them again.

We did however answer a mystery from a few years ago as to discovering what insect this is.

pictures 2218

Science: It’s called a Katydid. Though I thought it was some kind of grasshopper it’s not related to them at all but closer to the cricket family (yay, more damn crickets to deal with). We watched a video about them and actually have heard them outside at night but never knew what they were. They sound like fingernails rubbed against a comb.

They like to eat leaves, flowers, and stems so I don’t think they are great to have around. In rare cases they even can be pink, though I see how that would be a huge disadvantage.

We also watched the Crash Course video, Evolutionary Epic which was a great review of the geological column and finishing up our lessons on geology we learned about the laws of superposition.

Language Arts: We went ahead and finished our story of the Arabian Nights, volume 1, by listening to the conclusion and the stories of Ali Baba and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. I mean the storytelling went on for almost three years and we just don’t have that long to listen to all of them. The girls were glad the story ended happy.


(Conclusion as well as Arabic poems and verses from the Quran.)


(Ali Baba and Aladdin from Storynory)

Little Sis finished reading Season of the Sandstorms out loud and their word of the week was merchant. Their creative writing topic was Stop the Evil Genie.


They also copied the pumpkin cookie recipe from last week into their cookbooks. The girls mentioned they should have made those again instead.

Mathematics: Continuing review of GCF with Sky she finally is ready to move on. I am doing something a bit different with Little Sis and the multiplication tables. We are tossing a Bennie Baby back and forth to the Child’s Introduction to Multiplication instead of the Table Tree game.


The girls also have been playing the math game at Prodigy.


It goes all the way to 8th grade. They play this when I am working one on one with them and it has been working out great.

Social Studies: (Besides midterm elections) World History, we learned about Ancient Persia. First we watched the Crash Course video, Persians and the Greeks then watched Iran, The Forgotten Glory documentary where we learned about Persepolis, Cyrus the Great, and Zoroastrianism. We also learned about the bird Roc from mythology and the story Sinbad.

We watched Disney’s Aladdin and Walked Away more Pounds.


Peace for the journey.


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