Week In The Life (May I Borrow Your Flower?)

Man, it is cold out! The woodstove has officially been broke in due to lows in the teens. I mean I know it is November but I just wasn’t ready for the cold or snow flurries yet. Thank goodness Papa just finished all the outdoor maintenance. I guess I am still in denial that it is almost winter already. As of last week I still had windows open. Well at least the house is ready for winter hibernation, even if I’m not. Time to reap the benefits of the previous seasons work.

On a side note, the girls love their new socks Big Sis!


It may be gray outdoors but indoors toes are toasty warm and colorful. 🙂

I did try out a new pancake recipe this week that I love! Not just because they taste like banana bread but they have no coconut oil in them (Yay!).


They also use my new favorite flour to bake with, oat flour. Being that my family is not big on eating oatmeal for breakfast I am always looking for ways to reap its benefits (like adding it in my meatballs and meatloaf).

The only thing I did different is add 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts to the recipe.


From the Study, Language Arts: The girls have been typing their character “wikis” in word pad. Little Sis has been typing up her stories instead of writing them out too and she started reading Magic Tree House, Thanksgiving on Thursday out loud. I read the research guide, Pilgrims.

I like the Magic Tree House research guides, not only because of the information, but they are great examples of what research essays should look like also (and how to research one).

Their word of the week was courtship and their journal entry was, “What does Thanksgiving mean to you now?”. Both girls included watching the dog show and Macy’s Parade. 🙂

Mathematics: The girls like to get math over with first. Here lately I’ve had them warm up, to help get them focused like what “circle time” did, by playing either the game Blink or the Table Tree Multiplication game. This week they played Multiplication Math War together. I set the timer for 10 minutes and Sky helped Little Sis with ones she didn’t know. I think I will use the game Zoom like this too.

Speaking of games, Little Sis wanted to play games as a family for her birthday. Her two new favorites are Toss Up and Pass the Pigs. We played the normal way and the opposite way starting with 100 points and using subtraction to be the first person to zero wins. It’s fun to try getting the least amount of points too, this works best by setting a time limit. The one who has the least points when time runs out wins (come on oinker).


This brings me to the Prodigy math game. Both girls have been playing it all week and find it “incredibly boring”. So when I am working with one, the other plays Minecraft, which made learning the rock cycle SO much easier, or any of their 3DS games, which are just as educational. (Mario is just a modern day puzzle, why I have always loved playing it. I love puzzles! Thanks Grandma.)

Sky worked on finding the lowest common multiple at Khan Academy ( that she caught onto quick ), which brings me to Math Doesn’t Suck. I have mixed feeling about the book, Sky does not like it period.

My review, she does good trying to tie mathematics to real things but none of those things, like shoes, appeal to Sky. She could be talking about car parts for all Sky knows. She gives lots of clear instruction and examples but Sky says “too many examples confuse me, I wish she just do one way”. This is one thing Sky really likes about KA. So I think I will keep the book for when we may need it to help understand a concept, I do like having it in our home library, but stick with Sky working at KA.

Little Sis and I tossed a Puffle, from Club Penguin, to the multiplication tables (I downloaded and made a CD from the link in my last post). I really like how you need to be able to think fast.

Science: We watched and discussed the Crash Course Big History video on Human Evolution which lead us to watching a NOVA documentary called, The Last Great Ape about the Bonobo monkey (found on YouTube).

Social Studies, World History: We finished our studies on ancient Persia with the girls adding notes to their timeline.


(Miss Sky)


(Little Sis)

American History: We watched the Crash Course American History videos, Natives and Spaniards and discussed St. Augustine, the first Spanish settlement. Next we watched Colonizing America and Natives and the English. Then we watched the episode of In Search Of about Roanoke Island and the documentary Secrets of the Dead, Jamestown ( all which can be found on YouTube).

Home Economics: The girls made chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies.

The Arts: We watched Ray Harryhausen’s Sinbad movies, The 7th Voyage and The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. We all agreed The Golden Voyage was more like the stories we listened to. We also watched Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan documentary.

P.E. Yep, 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds.

Peace for the journey.


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