Week In The Life ( ” ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”)

Hope everyone had a lovely solstice.

Well, it’s my last post of 2014. What a year it has been too. Of course I say that every year. I guess it’s because every year I grow and learn a little more than the last.

Today was the girls last “official” day of school until the second full week of January.  That is when I will be posting  our year in review. What was the best? What was the worst? Is there anything that needs changing? One thing I do know, we got in 243 days of school. I think it is safe to say the girls deserve this break.

I am really proud of them, they worked really hard and these last few days I asked a question here and there to see if they remembered any of it. They did, and why not? We had lots and lots and lots of conversations over many of the topics.

This week proved no different.

From the study: Language Arts, Little Sis finished reading A Ghost Tale for Christmas and I read the Fact Tracker, Rags and Riches guide. So many conversations about the Victorian times. We listened to the dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol and Sky finished The Jesse Tree.


The girls copied the Peanut Blossoms recipe into their cookbooks, they did a Christmas Carol word search, and their writing prompt consisted of them splitting the stickers at the end of the Magic Tree House book (one using Annie and the other Jack) to come up with their own stories. Sky wrote 5 pages. We also filled out A Christmas Carol symbolism worksheet together.



Both girls have set up accounts at Quotev and have written several stories already. One of Little Sis’s had over 1000 words. They have even taken requests (I would link to their stories but they requested to remain anonymous). Besides needing to work on punctuation, their spelling and storytelling is excellent.

Yesterday we listened to the story of  A Christmas Nutcracker from Storynory.


Mathematics: Was pretty much as before, puffle toss and worksheet review. While watching a review from Khan Academy, Sky said “I see and understand the pattern now”.  After doing her worksheets and not missing one problem I knew she was right.  Yes, we can be moving  on.

Social Studies, World History: I found an awesome website with tons of history coloring pages and printed one of Queen Victoria to add the Victorian Empire to their timeline.


They added both Charles Dickens and Darwin to the timeline as well as Tchaikovsky’s premiere of The Nutcracker Ballet. We watched Horrible Histories, Victorian Work Song (YouTube) and

Geography, The Globe Trekker, London. They added a London color page to their timeline too.


The Arts: We watched George C. Scott’s A Christmas Carol, Disney Mickey’s Christmas Carol and the more modern tale Scrooged, which is a family favorite. We also watched Disney’s 3D animated version of A Christmas Carol, which happens to be my personal favorite version.

Tangent, who me? Disney finally releases a true to the story version of a movie and of course people complain “It’s too dark and scary”. When watching a movie based on a book, I always judge it on whether or not the author’s vision remained true. Did they stick with what the author was trying to say. I mean, it doesn’t have to be just like the book, but is the message still there. To me, Disney got A Christmas Carol spot on. It is a ghost story after all. Is it a bit scary for younger children? Yes, I personally don’t think the story was meant for young children to begin with.

We observed and discussed several Victorian artists’ works like Holl’s Hushed, Watt’s Found Drowned, and Redgrave’s The Outcast.

This year, even though we have Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, I introduced the girls to Mikhail Baryshnikov with the American Ballet Theatre’s version. 🙂

While listening to the soundtrack the girls painted their own Nutcrackers.


Home Ec.: The girls decided to make gingerbread cookies this week, only Little Sis read the recipe wrong and added 3 eggs instead of 1. Yes, they do make baking mistakes. It’s actually ironic because we had just gone over reviewing the steps they learned this year on how to make a good cookie. So in trying to salvage them, instead of cutting them out they tried making them into a crinkle cookie by rolling them in powdered sugar.


They actually turned out great. They learned the more eggs you add the more cake like the cookie. That’s what they tasted like too, little ginger cakes. Of course 3 eggs isn’t the healthiest, so we probably will not be making these again but understand what to do if the need ever arises.

P.E.: Walking Away the Pounds.


Wishing happy holidays to all, and to all a good night

(and peace for the journey).




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