Week In The Life ( A Plot Twist)

Well, I think we are back in full swing. Also, I think I finally have a grasp on this high school thing.

This past week I’ve been putting together a binder for Sky to keep together all her records that I will need to write her transcript when the time comes.


I made a copy of the credit requirements to have on hand as well as a reading logs,


(Keeping track of British Literature right now.)

and dividers, one for each subject, along with notebook pages to keep track of vocabulary words, test scores, etcetera.

For example, since we are studying World History, doing both Civilizations and World History with Geography, I added a notebook page titled The Victorian Empire, the date we started, and what we have covered so far (continuing to add on as we go along). This I know will be very helpful in putting together her assessment test once we are done with this time period. Once we are done studying Victoria’s reign, I will add all test scores, grades, and hours to this page.

Since I am keeping track of her hours of study I also added a credit log to the binder.


In Indiana in order to obtain a diploma, or graduate from high school, one must complete the Core 40 requirements. For example, Sky must have 8 credits in English to graduate. Each semester completed in a subject is awarded a credit, instead of a full year, and 80 hours of study is equal to 1 credit.

Being so many subjects intertwine I am hoping having her binder put together and ready now will help serve as my checklist and keep me on track.

Language Arts

Reading: This week we started the audiobook of Oliver Twist completing chapters 1-16.


Little Sis started Magic Tree House, Dogs in the Night and both girls have been doing a bit of independent reading. I mentioned previously how Little Sis is breaking out and discovering  her own interests, well she has found a new series, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You by Ally Carter.


I was actually surprised when Sky asked if I would also order her an actual novel, Death Note, L Change the World written by M.


Vocabulary/ Spelling: I am trying something new this year with Sky, giving her more words as well as testing her knowledge. I am using Quizlet.com which lets you study and play games to practice before the test too. You can make up your own or choose from the hundreds of already made lists.


I should also mention it’s free. This week Sky’s words came from the first 16 chapters of Oliver Twist and were, consolation, impertinence, diminutive, destitute, haughty, pauper, poised, buffet, imprint, articulate. She memorized the definitions and spelling and picked up her first A+.

Little Sis’s word of the week was merchant and they both had socialism. They also did a word search of the dog breeds A-H.

Writing: We discussed the second part of parts of plot, rising action. I used both the Phantom of the Opera story and Death Note movie as examples.


We took a few Common Core practice tests beginning with 1st grade and made it to 4th grade before we started having a few problems. When I say problems I am talking about myself as well.

I am not sure why the need to change the way mathematics is studied, but it has changed since I was in school. To be safe we have been working on the mastery skills at Khan Academy stating Sky with the 4th grade, being that is where our problems began. I really like the fact she can blow right through what she already knows and we can stop to watch the video and work on what she doesn’t. I know she will be caught up in no time.

Little Sis and I did the puffle toss to the multiplication tables Monday and she took a “test” Tuesday on tables 1-6. With a few 6s like 6×7 and 6×8, she did good. So, we practiced with flash cards the tables 6-12.

She is also doing the mastery challenge at Khan Academy.

I mentioned our new game in my last post.


There are 3 game companies I have really come to trust, eeBoo (for younger children), Gamewright, and blue orange. Aztack is the new game from blue orange. I want to mention I don’t get any reward from any company I may write about on my blog. Everything I mention here are resources we really use and like.

When purchasing games I try to pick out ones that are different than others we may have, or work different sets of skills. They must be fast to play here or there and open enough to come up with new ways of play.

What I like about Aztack is I can carry the tiles in my backpack to play outdoors and we can make the game last longer by adding the number of tiles left over, once someone has gone out to their score. The first person to score 10 (or more depending on how long you want to play) wins.

Social Studies

World History: We finished watching the History Channel’s, Mankind, History of All Of Us episodes. I really liked this documentary. Was the acting over the top? Yes. Were the presenters overly dramatic? Yes. That isn’t why I liked it, I liked it because it was a visual “crash course” journey of humankind.

My brain works in cause and effect. I must know the cause for everything, I am not satisfied with “just because”. This documentary is set up showing the cause and effect of us, human beings and how we are continually writing history.

We are listening to BBC’s School Radio Victorian time podcasts.


These are really well done and have been helpful bringing the time period alive. So many wonderful discussions.

We watched The Young Victoria,


and the Crash Course video of Capitalism.


We watched PBS Nature episode Penguin Post Office.

Home Ec.

There was a request of chocolate chip cookies from the hard working Papa.



Walking Away the Pounds.


Peace for the journey.



4 Responses to “Week In The Life ( A Plot Twist)”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Keep up the “Great” work! Very proud of you and the girls!!!

  2. amandasmills Says:

    I need to start Aidan’s highshool records next year – not looking forward to it.

    plus was just thinking the other day on how much resources have opened up because of streaming video – isn’t it great? 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Yes, I am SO thankful for the many resources out there now. They sure have made the transition into high school less intimidating. 🙂

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