My Favorite Dog Hero (Little Sis)

My favorite Dog hero from the Magic Tree House Fact Tracker Companion is Shana. Shana was an adopted hybrid wolf dog that Eve and Norman Fertig adopted. Eve and Norman were in one of the buildings feeding animals, when a tree fell and trapped them. Shana stayed with them almost the whole time! She began digging a tunnel under the tree. Shana barked sometimes  to tell them to ‘follow her’. It almost took her 3 hours digging. Finally when Shana got them out, they went back into the house. Since the electricity was off, Shana lay on top of them keeping them warm before help arrived.

The reason why I like Shana the most is because Shana never gave up. She kept digging, even for 3 hours! She would throw herself before anyone she loved. Once they did get back into the house, Shana kept them warm. She never gave up. She would sacrifice herself for her owners.  🙂


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