Week In The Life ( Searching For A Reason )

After pondering over my last post I have calmed down a bit. I think I was letting all the excitement of planning out high school overwhelm me. I need to regain my focus, that and coming up with a plan B and C if A doesn’t work. 🙂

My brain tends to work in fast forward and not being able to see the outcome can drive me nuts, literally. I have to remind myself one day, one step at a time. I need to remember where we are right now, and what we need to do to get to there.

Sometimes I feel so out of place in the homeschooling community. I don’t limit television (though we hardly ever watch commercial TV) or video games. I don’t censor what my children watch, or read, or listen to. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll are part of our culture (and obviously not leaving anytime soon), I would rather them learn about them in the safety of their home from us, their parents than outsiders. There really isn’t much that surprises or shocks me, actually it takes a lot to offend me. I am pretty easy to get along with as long as you can accept me for who I am. Too long I walked the line trying to please everyone, everyone but myself. Maybe it’s a sign of maturity but I don’t have the time, or do I want to put up a fake front. This is us in all our glory.

We are not perfect, Sky yells and argues with me, and I with her. I get grouchy and fly off the handle, not nearly as much as I did in the past. I don’t believe in punishments. I don’t believe in spankings, or “sparing the rod…”, or “time-outs”, unless they want to take one or groundings. I don’t believe in my children walking all over me either. I expect the same respect they get. If I can get grouchy, so can children. I get tired and don’t feel like cooking or cleaning and just want to sit in peace and quiet. If I can get tired, so can children. My children have the right, if not more so, to model the same behaviors as adults. How could I ask for perfection from them?

I’m not into curriculum or conventions. I’m not a big follower of anything, I’ve always done things my way, which hasn’t always been the easy way(Well Big Sis, I guess you’re right about Sky taking after me  🙂 ). Yes, now it’s all becoming clear. As I type this out maybe the reason I feel like I don’t fit in is that I’m homeschooling for different reasons and the reason I am finding myself frustrated by high school is that I’m feeling the pull towards conformity. I guess there is more to ponder than I thought.

Homeschooling, yes we did do some of that this week.

Language Arts

If you didn’t already notice the girls worked on writing a paragraph this week. Little Sis’s topic was her favorite dog hero and Sky’s was Oliver Twist. Taking into consideration we have not done much in the grammar department yet, though we will be getting there soon, they did pretty well. I had them come up with rough drafts first, then edit, the best they could, then type them on my blog. I was hoping this would get them use to typing out reports. I can’t believe how fast they type. It took Little Sis 5 minutes to type hers out.

We used a worksheet from education.com as our guide.


We also went over the last element of story, conclusion or resolution. I printed off a diagram for the girls to add in their journals and a guide of discussion questions.


We also briefly discussed those story elements.


Sky took a test on all the vocabulary words she had from the story Oliver Twist and that put the finishing touches on Charles Dickens for the time being.

Sometimes it can be hard trying to combine two grades at the same time but thanks to the Magic Tree House series we made the transition into listening to the dramatic version of Heidi. Though I could have used the whole orphan theme.


The girls have been really enjoying it and keep asking for another chapter.

Little Sis’s vocabulary words were: hamlet, tremor, crimson (along with pointing out that she already had this word), Fraulein, and fain.

She has also been reading, reading, and more reading her book.


She is now halfway through as she really likes it.


Continuing the mastery challenge at Khan Academy with Little Sis and learning what a rhombus is.

Sky continued practicing fractions with worksheets and is checking her own work and correcting any mistakes. She is ready to move on to the next step.



We watched the ocean episode of the series Earth, The New Wild and learned the importance of the predator’s job in the oceans. Also how our overfishing the oceans are causing a build up of slime around the coasts.

Social Studies

World History: I read the biography of Queen Victoria from the book Lives of Extraordinary Women by Kathleen Krull and the girls came up with 10 things they learned about her.


We also watched BBC The Victorians, Having It All documentary, found on YouTube, and PBS NOVA Petra, The Lost City In Stone.

The Arts

Thanks to the Victorians documentary we discussed the paintings Hard Times and On Strike by Sir Hubert von Herkomer and Elizabeth Thompson’s The Roll Call, which will lead us perfectly into the Crimean War.

We also watched the 2007 BBC series of Oliver Twist. The girls were glad to have read the book first as they did not enjoy the show. I actually agree with them. Again I don’t mind changes but when you change the villain and then have us feel sorry for what he, they did, kind of takes away the whole point of the so-called incident.

Sky is back in a drawing mood like Little Sis has been in a reading mood.






Home Economics

The girls tried making brownie 1 recipe, the first one they baked, again this time with oil. I just don’t like this recipe. Sky doesn’t like the recipe from last week, which is Little Sis and my favorite. Papa could care less as long as we keep them coming. 🙂


We were so glad to go for our walk last weekend because this week the temperatures dropped. So we Walked Away more Pounds indoors.

Peace, myself included, for the journey.



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