Heidi (Little Sis)

Heidi is a novel written by Johanna Spyri. The story takes place during the late 19th century in both, the Swiss Alps of Switzerland and the city of Frankfurt Germany. There is a religious theme, but not so much that would ruin the story for the nonreligious.

The story of Heidi starts with Dete, Heidi’s aunt, taking Heidi to go live with her grandfather, Alm-uncle, who lives in the Alps. Dete has been taking care of Heidi ever since her parents died, but has been offered a job in the city. Heidi’s grandfather at first didn’t accept her, but there was no where else for Heidi to go. Heidi loves being free, she helps her grandfather with the farm and becomes friends with a boy named Peter, a goat herder. Aunt Dete comes back to get Heidi from her grandfather and takes her to the city as a playmate for a sickly child named Clara. Clara, who is glad of Heidi’s arrival, makes friends with her. Heidi wants to live back in the Swiss Alps with her grandfather and Peter, but doesn’t want to make her new friend Clara un-happy. Soon Heidi dreams about her grandfather, starts to sleepwalk, and gets home sick. The doctor, a friend of Clara’s father, checks her and thinks Heidi should go back home. Clara is disappointed but knows it’s for the best. So Heidi goes back to live with her grandfather in the Alps. After awhile Heidi receives a letter from her friend Clara, saying she is coming to visit.

I really liked Heidi and Clara, they are my favorite characters from the story. I especially enjoyed how the story ends. I rate Heidi 8 out of 10 stars and probably will read it again.  🙂


One Response to “Heidi (Little Sis)”

  1. big sis Says:

    I also enjoyed this book when I was younger. Am happy to hear you enjoyed as well. Love all of you. ♡

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