Week In The Life ( Crimean’s Angels)

Finally feeling content with certain decisions, I’m ready to move on now. Though there is still snow on the ground, and temperatures remain below freezing, I heard the birds chirping this morning, Spring is near. This year, more than ever I am really looking forward to it too. The outdoors is calling me. I need to dig my hands deep into mother nature and smell the sweet aromas of the earth. I need to feel the sun’s warm rays upon my skin. I need to hear the wind rustling through the tree branches and see the birds perched upon their nests.

As anxious as I am about Spring, I still can’t believe it was time for our annual drive to pick up our year supply of maple syrup already.


We go through quite a bit of maple syrup in our home, as it is our primary sweetener source. They sell several types of grades, the lightest being more sweetness with less of a maple flavor. We like, and use them all. Last year our syrup was so fresh, the bottle was still warm where they had just made it. Of course, the girls already know all there is to know about the science, myths, and history of maple syrup but we still enjoy the drive and change of scenery each year. Not to mention getting to know the actual people responsible for our delicious liquid treasure.

Language Arts

You may have noticed Little Sis’s review of Heidi. Like Miss Sky’s review, we went over all the steps in writing a review. I did ask her some questions to help bring out more details and discussed her wording a little bit but other than that, she wrote the review herself.

She finished reading Night of the New Magicians aloud and I appointed Sky as her new reading buddy. Now Sky sits, looking over her shoulder making sure Little Sis is reading all the words properly. I am able to get meals started, or other chores are done and still enjoy the story. 🙂

Little Sis also finished book 1 of the Gallagher Girls series,  book 2 is on its way.

We started the audiobook of Mary Seacole’s memoirs, The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands.


What a hidden treasure, so much history here. Not just about her work in the Crimean War but also in South America during the gold rush. I love her honest opinions of Americans before the Civil War.

Sky and I discussed taking notes, and how to write a research paper.



Sky worked on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. I found it works best for her to write a step by step guide of how to solve a problem in her journal. For me, just an example is needed to understand. I take the “solve the puzzle” type approach. All the different steps we’ve worked on so far are confusing her on what to do when. So writing the problem out step by step, and adding the steps all the way down to simplifying seems to be working for her, and lots of repetition.

Little Sis is 60% through 3rd grade at Khan Academy. New skills she learned are finding the perimeter and placing fractions on a number line.


Social Studies

World History,

We watched a Mary Seacole documentary, found on YouTube, called Mary Seacole, Angel of the Crimea, and The Animated Hero Classics episode of Florence Nightingale also found on YouTube.  We also watched the 2008 BBC movie Florence Nightingale movie, yep YouTube.

The girls played a Florence Nightingale horrible hospital game,


and took the quiz.

Of course, there was the season 5 finale of Downton Abbey too.

With all the talk of scientists from the Magic Tree House story and our recent study of Switzerland, we learned the biography of Henri Nestle and his inventions.


We also discussed how large the Nestle company is today, and learned the history of the Nestle Toll House cookie along with the biography of Ruth Wakefield.


The Arts

We watched the 2005 Heidi movie as a family.


This version is very close to the original story. We have the Shirley Temple version, which like most of her movies was to draw attention to her incredible talent, and the girls like that version too. In Sky’s words, “It stands on its own”.

Home Economics

The girls copied the French and garlic bread recipes into their cookbooks, creating a new divider page.


(Miss Sky)

Sticking with side dish recipes,  we made one of my favorite winter fruit salads.


1 fresh pineapple sliced into chunks, 2 oranges, sliced into chunks, 2 bananas sliced in rounds, 1/2 cup walnuts. Since not everyone enjoys coconut, I leave it out to be sprinkled on individual servings if wanted.

Since learning the history of milk chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, the girls decided to make them too (but with Hershey’s chocolate chips 🙂 ).


No P.E. this week, we enjoyed having Papa home with us a few days.

Peace for the journey.


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