Week In The Life (“It’s Electric” )

This week, the weather was beautiful. I actually was able to open the back door and let the fresh air in. Let the Spring cleaning begin!

I am really trying hard to wrap up any loose ends we still might have to take the week before Easter off. SO many connections, SO much happened during the Industrial Revolution, everywhere. I’ve been debating, do I even attempt America and the Civil War yet? We are already here after all. Or do I wrap up and go back where we left off in Ancient times? I don’t want to “put the cart before the horse” so to speak.

I mean, the girls do already have a really good understanding of humankind’s evolution. Papa and I have been laying that foundation from the start. We can pretty much jump in anywhere in history and they have connections from that time period to pull from. It’s all the little details that are missing, and there are SO many little details. Honestly, this is when I begin questioning the “whys” of this detail being more important to know than that one. Then I start questioning why this person’s knowledge is better than that one, and who the hell has the right to measure in the first place?  No one has all the answers.

I guess I need to ask myself, why did we start studying this time period in the first place? Well, because of Charles Dickens. This was never meant to be a history block, but more of a literature one. Then I guess my answer is to wrap up all the loose ends, closing the door on history for now, and to get back on track with my original goal.

Language Arts

We finished Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole In Many Lands. Again, this was such a hidden treasure and I am really glad to have found it.

The girls copied the first half of the poem Santa Filomena (Philomena) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in cursive and their word of the week was flit.


Sky continued practicing adding and subtracting, unlike denominator fractions. She has mastered the steps and we will be moving on.

Little Sis learned to compare area and perimeter at Khan Academy, and is 70% through third-grade math.

Social Studies

World and American History,

Continuing our study from the story Night of the Magicians, we listened, read, and watched biographies on the 4, plus 1, inventors.

First, we learned about  Samuel Finley Breese Morse, and the invention of the telegraph and Morse code, from the audiobook The Child’s Book of American Biography.


We also watched a short documentary about him on YouTube.

Next, we read about Gustave Eiffel.


I printed a picture of the Eiffel tower to add to the girls’ timeline and they added France to their map of Europe.


Then, Alexander Graham Bell. First reading his Bio from Biography.com then watching the Animated Heroes Classics episode.

We did the same with Thomas Alva Edison, except we also added the audiobook biography from The Child’s Book of American Biography too.

We also discussed how the telephone and light bulb work.


We read about Louis Pasteur from Biography.com and watched the Animated Heroes Classics episode too.

The girls added notes from each scientist to their timelines.


(Little Sis)


We did the science experiments from the Magic Tree House story as well. First, making a telephone learning how sound waves move


then watching static electricity spark a fluorescent light bulb.


We watched the Bill Nye Science guy episodes on Sound, Electricity, Static Electricity, and Germs.

Home Economics

Continuing with Biographies and chocolate we learned about Milton S. Hersey


and watched a short video about the school for orphans he created.

We made Peanut Butter Blossom cookies with Hershey Kisses.


Also, the girls made cornbread, or “corncake” as they call it, as a side dish to go along with dinner.


The Arts

The girls have both been on a drawing kick again.



(Miss Sky)





(Little Sis)


We Walked Away the Pounds when raining, and walked around the block while the sun was shining. I can’t wait to get outdoors for our walks again. It felt really good physically and mentally.

Peace for the journey.




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  1. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    So much lovely learning here! You are making me really miss homeschooling!!!

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