Week(s) In The Life (I’ll Never Tell)

I really don’t like when I fall behind with my writing. When falling behind with anything, it always takes more time to get caught back up again. Papa had a few vacation days, due to his birthday, so writing just wasn’t a big priority. However, now I am left with this huge list of learning activities.

I actually had a few things to write about too, the most important being my weight loss update. Not only did I make it through the holidays sticking to my plan, I am now one pants size smaller. One more size and I reach my target weight. It is amazing how much my palate, as wells as the rest of the family’s, has changed, especially with the sugar and salt. Discovering Papa’s blood pressure is borderline has also been an added push. I have been weeding out can goods from our pantry little by little over the years, but this year they have been pretty much done away with.

The hardest part, is that most of my day is spent in the kitchen. I have always liked to cook, actually wanted to be a dietitian, but not continually. Then there are all those dishes. One bonus, is that our “schoolroom” is in the kitchen, and both girls are able to work, mostly, on their own now. It is my goal to get the girls helping out more in the kitchen this year too, with each of them picking up a side dish.

One of the best things, in my opinion, about homeschooling is the ability to combine so many topics together. You probably noticed I have been combining Literature (American, British, and World), English and Writing Composition, History (American, World, Geography, Music, and Art), together. My plan is to combine Health and Nutrition in with our baking too. I’ve already been keeping track of our hours in Sky’s high school binder. It just took me some time to figure out what was expected from each course. (Don’t worry, I think I’ve posted all my frustrations, at least for now, and I am feeling good about our decisions. No scheduled tangents planned for today. ūüôā )

Language Arts

We listened to William Tell Told Again, the first week (Little Sis really enjoyed this story). Little Sis read aloud the Magic Tree House book, Leprechauns in Late Winter and Sky read the Fact Tracker, Leprechauns and Irish Folklore. Then we started Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales by Joesph Jacobs.



Week 1 words of the week were pasteurization, linguistic, ethnicity, federalism, apprenticeship, and hospice. Week 2 words were prodded and glade.

Sky wrote her research report on Mary Seacole. We are just in the beginning stages of writing as we have not gone over grammar and punctuation yet. Right now is more about learning how to take notes, getting thoughts down on paper, writing rough drafts, and typing it up.

Little Sis has started writing a book, she is three chapters in. She has also finished book 2 in the Gallagher Girls series already.

They finished copying Santa Filomena by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


(Little Sis)


(Miss Sky)


Sky learned how to multiply and divide fractions.


We are using the Math Doesn’t Suck book again, I really like her Fractions chapter. Her instruction is great, which is worth the addition¬†to our home library, it’s the “fluff” that is a little nerve racking.

Little Sis is 86% through 3rd grade math from Khan Academy. She learned the meaning of division, properties of multiplication, math patterns, and telling time word problems.

The girls made area and perimeter graph paper animals,  a review for Sky and a better understanding of what they mean for Little Sis.


Social Studies

World History, Geography

We watched several documentaries, the first being Smart Travels, Switzerland and Switzerland Christmas.

I printed two pictures for the girls to add to their timeline, one of the Saint Bernard and they added notes about Saint Bernard of Menthon.


The other of William Tell.


I also found free notebooking pages for the inventors we learned about.


Then we watched the Ireland Travel Guide video (found on YouTube), I really like these videos as they give an overview of the whole country, as well a bit of history. We also watched Globe Trekker, Ireland.

We learned about Oliver Cromwell and his invasion into Ireland with the documentay,¬†Cromwell, God’s Executioner (found on YouTube) and the Potato Famine.

Keith Hughes has a bunch of wonderful history videos we will for sure be adding to our studies.


We visited our state museum. Both girls couldn’t wait to go with all their new knowledge under their belt.




(An added bonus for Papa)


We celebrated the annual Earth Hour.


As always lots of conversations of our families plans to cut our footprint even more.

The Arts

For starters we watched the classic television series, The Adventures of William Tell Episode 1, then listened to the William Tell Overture by Rossini (both found on YouTube).

We watched Disney’s Darby O’ Gill and the Little People, along with the making of.

Sky joined a Manga/ Anime teen club, her first meeting being last Monday. She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to her monthly meetings, and being around kids with her same interests. This is an after school club as we just haven’t had much luck in the homeschooling community for her.

Little Sis went to the first Once Upon A Time craft class and made a gnome. She also signed up for a homeschooling book club, though I think next month I’ll move her to the teens club as her reading level is more advanced. She was just born older.

Sky has been drawing


and painting.


Home Economics

One of Little Sis’s favorite cookies to make after our visit to the Maple Syrup festival is maple cookies


and she reminded me that we hadn’t made them yet.


We walked around the block before the cold front came back and Walked Away the Pounds when it did.


This week is Spring break for the kiddies, Spring cleaning catching up for the mama. Peace for the journey.


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