Merrows (Little Sis)

Merrows are Irish Folklore merpeople, they live in the sea like mermaids. Also, the female Merrows are beautiful and the male Merrows are very ugly with a red nose, green skin, and a bad complexion. The females are a lot like mermaids and have a mermaid tail. It is said that they carry a feather red cap, called a cohullen druith, that helps them dive back to their home. If it is stolen then they can never go in the water again. Humans have been known to steal this item for various reasons. In the story The Soul Cages, written by T. Crofton Croker, a male Merrow takes a fisherman to his house, then shows the fisherman his collection of souls.The fisherman steals the Merrow’s red hat and dives to his house to free the captured souls. Fishermen don’t like Merrows because it always means coming gales, or very strong winds. Sometimes Merrows come out of the sea onto the shore in the shape of little hornless cows.


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