Week In The Life (Acceptance)

Well, I wasn’t really going to write about it, but I guess it is meant to be as my fingers press over the keys. Today is my birthday, not just any birthday but my 40th. Yes, today I am officially 40 years old.

This past year has been a major awakening for me in so many areas. This past year I finally discovered and made peace with myself. I finally embraced everything that makes me, me.  I found my backbone, faced my demons (for a time they were winning too), rid myself of shame, and can honestly say that I love who I’ve become, gray hair and all. I am not perfect and never will be, no longer can my flaws be thrown back in my face. You love me for me, or not (and the not, no longer bothers me) . I am not the same person I was a year ago, I am not the same person period.

Though I needed to be the one to accept myself, Susan Cain’s book Quiet helped a lot. Being able to define “normal” for myself was huge. Introversion is a part of me and when you want to change that, or think I should, you are pretty much telling me that I need to change to meet your definition of “normal”.

It’s kind of ironic that I have always been able to accept other people’s normal, but not myself. It’s also kind of ironic that part of the whole “socialization” argument with homeschooling is them learning tolerance of other people’s differences and yet I’ve always felt the pressure (from outsiders who went through public school) to change who I was.Though I am not going to lie, I am pretty radical. I’ve always been that way. Something I discovered while working out my frustrations with Sky and her need to question authority was the fact that I did, do too. I don’t think I’ve ever made “normal” choices, homeschooling included. It’s like I was born to fight, though I’ve never liked conflict. As long as you stay off my back and don’t try to bully your beliefs on me (talking about me personally, not civil rights), I will give you the same respect about your beliefs. Acceptance, yes that to me is 40.

Language Arts

We are still listening to Yeats, Irish Fairy Tales and Folklore. The girls wrote a paragraph of their favorite Irish mythical creature, and their words of the week were Beldam, mutton, gullet, daft, and exhumed.

We also purchased a new game called Word Shout, that is another huge hit. It is from the makers of the dice game Toss Up and played in much the same way. You roll the word dice and must be the first to spot out words and grab the dice to get points.

Little Sis is halfway through book 3 of Gallagher Girls, and Sky purchased Death Note Vol. 13.


It was the perfect rainy weekend for a new puzzle.


This week for warm up (I always start or transition into school with a quick game) we played the game Zoom. I highly recommend this game for mental math. So much better than boring flash cards.

Sky watched a few more videos on complex fractions and we finally put all her hard work, from the past few weeks, to the test. I am really proud of her. She got each of the problems right. Example problem, from Math Doesn’t Suck.

1/4+1/2   +      5/12 +3 * 1/2

______   over  ___________

2-1/8       +      3 1/2 x (1/4-1/8)        (answer 226/15)

We are moving on to decimals next week.

I purchased the Math Made Easy Workbook, 3rd grade for Little Sis as it had everything she worked on from Khan Academy in it. So, she will be working through that for review since she completed 3rd grade already. She finished both the early math and 3rd grade math from Khan Academy in a matter of months. She is pretty much working through the workbook on her own. I will see if there are any places she needs help on before I decide whether to movie on to fourth grade, though honestly I think she is ready.


Our garden in planted. This year we did make it bigger, added more potatoes, more garlic (finally used our last head), onions, peppers, and we are going to try strawberries. Then there was counting all the hatched Robin eggs.

Social Studies,

World History:

Since in Ireland and already briefly going over Cromwell’s invasion, I thought we would watch the Cromwell movie about the English Civil War.


We watched Horrible Histories English Civil War song (YouTube) and Irish History, The Conquerors series on Oliver Cromwell (YouTube).

The girls copied notes for their notebooks.



(Little Sis)

Of course you can’t mention Cromwell and the English Civil War without mentioning King Charles I. So we watched the Kings and Queens documentary of Charles I (YouTube) and the English Civil War – Learning Zone (Parts 1 and 2, YouTube). The girls copied notes in their notebooks.




We finished it up with the Monarchy series (found on Netflix) episode called Cromwell, King Killer.

The Arts

First we watched a video of one of my most favorite female singers , Tori Amos, song off her new album Unrepentant Geraldines called Selkie.

Then we watched two videos on the artist Peter Paul Rubens, Master of Shadows: Peter Paul Rubens (YouTube) and Peter Paul Rubens, Elevation of the Cross from Khan Academy. I printed off a self portrait and the girls came of with 10 things they learned about him.




The girls picked one of his pieces to color and learn about. They chose Leda and the Swan and added them to their notebook.



We also watched another hidden gem movie, Into the West.


Home Economics

We made mint chip sugar cookies.



I am not a big fan of food coloring so we left that part out and our store didn’t have mint chocolate chips so I chopped the mints up in pieces. These weren’t bad, but next time I will use our chocolate chip cookie recipe and add the mint chips instead. I don’t really like cream of tartar in cookies. I prefer soft, chewy cookies. I would leave out the peppermint extract next time too, as it is overpowering or maybe just add 1/2 tsp.


We were lucky to get in more walks around the block as the weather has been beautiful.


Peace for the journey.


6 Responses to “Week In The Life (Acceptance)”

  1. Miriam Says:

    Happy birthday! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about this milestone birthday and making peace with yourself. While there may be some things we don’t like about aging, I like myself so much more as I get older.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thank you, that is how I feel. I love the wisdom I have gained as I age. It is something to be celebrated and not frowned upon. My mom use to lie about her age, she was always 35. 🙂 So, I thought is was bad to age. Honestly though, I don’t want to stay one age.

  2. amandasmills Says:

    high five! I turned 40 couple weeks ago. Acceptance and 40, good things.

  3. licoricelovinglady Says:

    Susan Cain’s book was very healing for me too. I realised how frequently I had taken on board other people’s ideas that there was something wrong with me when actually I was just an introvert. This was even tho I had known about the true definition of introversion for decades (I studied psychology at college).
    All those folk who felt they had the right to tell me there was something wrong with me were “socialized” at school of course LOL! The majority always see the minority as wrong. Unless we are raised with total acceptance for who we are, it’s very hard not to take on other people’s judgements, or to see difference as a threat.

    I don’t seem to care as much about what people think of me as I get older. Perhaps one of the gifts of the short term memory loss that starts to develop as we age is that we don’t (can’t) hold on to every little thing people say anymore! And we have a greater understanding that people say all kinds of !@%* in the moment that really is meaningless and not worth listening to.

    Life begins at 40 they say – Happy Birthday!


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      I love hearing how Cain’s book has helped others. It really helped in defining myself, as crazy as that sounds because we shouldn’t even need too in the first place.

      I know the whole “socialization” debate is so overplayed, I think even non-homeschoolers are beginning to understand that. I mean if school really did help with that, I think we would be seeing more tolerance in society by now. Honestly though, history has not changed all that much, and we will always have those that feel the need to place judgments on others. This is why in the end it really does come down to us needing to find our own acceptance. Like yourself, once we do find it we can see other’s opinions as just that, opinions and not truth.

      I have so many scientific theories as to why humans find it so hard to accept differences, and who knows maybe one day I will get to see them played out. I am however, very hopeful for the new homeschooling generation of children. I see SO much tolerance and acceptance of others. They really do have SO much more confidence in themselves. Then again, like you mentioned, maybe it has nothing to do with homeschooling at all but parenting. It does all start with home.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you for your thoughtful comment. 🙂

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