Week In The Life (When The Saints Go Marching In)

This week for sure felt very much like summer here in Indy. All the windows have been opened and fans have already been brought in to help circulate the air. I know this may sound crazy, but I am honestly not ready for summer yet. Where I was completely organized for winter, I haven’t even been in the girls closets to see what is needed. Little Sis doesn’t even have shorts that fit her. That’s the way it goes in our home. I am either perfectly organized or perfectly behind. Sometimes I feel like I just need to scream.

I often wonder how other families do it. What corners are being cut? I have to remind myself over and over that what we see on the surface is not always reality. I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I mean when I was sick things did pile up. I guess this is what I meant by homeschooling families needing to be disciplined with their routine. If I forget to do one little thing, everything feels unbalanced. While catching up on stocking our pantry, I wasn’t able to prepare for summer. There is one thing I am looking forward to with summer approaching, our summer school schedule.

We homeschool year round, 4 days a week. Friday is my planning, budgeting, blogging day. Plus, it’s nice having an extra day scheduled in case we didn’t get everything done during the week. We don’t use a curriculum, I am more of a do it myself type person. I do like to use guidelines of what might be studied in each grade, but try to follow where the girls are academically. Both girls give me feedback if I am going too fast or too slow, “If I hear Oliver Cromwell’s name one more time, it’s really going to piss me off.” (Sky is not a big fan of him.) Yep, time for this mama to move on.

We don’t really fall into any certain “type” of homeschoolers. We use workbooks, watch television, documentaries and movies, read all kinds of stories (some could be considered “twaddle”), play board and video games, and use notebooking pages. You could say I like unit studies but I don’t like to be tied down to just one topic. I like to go with the flow. What started out as a Victorian British literature block has us chasing rabbit trails in Ireland. Everything connects someway, somehow. Kind of like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. I prefer the term block study, though I like to cover all “subjects” during one block.

I like taking a week break after each block, this gives me time to regroup and organize. We have a summer school schedule, due to the fact summer is a busy time for us outdoors. Basically we pick our stories to read aloud, play lots of games, and continue math. Science is more of a hands on outdoor nature study and we always are watching movies. We also have a Christmas school schedule, because that is a pretty busy time too, where topics are geared more towards preparing for Christmas. We never really stop learning, so it just makes more sense for us to school year round. Why, homeschooling really is more of a lifestyle than something we just do. The longer you do it, the harder it becomes to separate.

Language Arts

Still Listening to Irish Fairy and Folk Tales by Yeats, we have about reached the end with Kings, Queens, Princess, Earls, and Robbers.

The girls copied the Poem, Old Ireland by Walt Whitman in cursive,


(Miss Sky)

and we listened to it.


We discussed what it might mean and Miss Sky asked when the poem was written, before or after the potato famine. I told her after so she thought that was what Whitman was writing about. Not having a commentary of the poem, I am going to agree with her.

We all took turns reading the story St. Bridget and the King’s Wolf.


Their spelling/ vocabulary words of the week were, prerogative, resilience, loiter, shroud,  and rogue. I am keeping a list of all their words, from each block, to test the girls when finished. Little Sis will have 15, Sky will have all of them. They should be able to use them in a sentence as well. I overheard Sky already come up with one. “The Artful Dodger is a lovable rogue. ” 🙂

We also played more Word Shout. Little Sis is getting really good, she surprised Papa with the word awe. We have even had to pull the dictionary out a few times. It really is a fun game.


Sky worked on comparing, adding and subtracting, and multiplying decimals from the book Math Doesn’t Suck. We are going to sick with multiplying decimals this week as she’s had trouble placing the decimal after finding the product. She keeps wanting to count forward. I know it is more of a dyslexia problem for her, she just needs some extra practice.

Little Sis worked on ordering numbers from smallest to largest, rounding to the nearest 10, polygons, identifying patterns, (this slowed her down a bit and I was glad it was in the workbook for her to practice), multiplying odds and evens, and adding fact families from the workbook Math Made Easy.

We also played more of the game Zoom.


We discovered a family of sparrows has moved into our recycled bird house Papa made from our old wood fencing.DSCF7092

We also learned about Irish Wolfhounds from the series Dogs 101, found on YouTube. I printed out a picture and the girls came up with 10 facts they learned.


Social Studies


We had our primary elections this week and lucky for us the weather was perfect for walking to the polls. We had discussions on what this election meant, as the topic of raising property taxes to update the schools and keep transportation in our district was on the ballot.

World History

Finishing up our study of Ireland during medieval times with watching the movie To Kill A King.


I would give this movie a PG-13 rating as it does contain very brief nudity and is a bit graphic. If your children are okay with the Hobbit violence than this movie should be fine. It is more from Thomas Fairfax’s point of view.

We watched the PBS documentary, In Search of Ancient Ireland and learned about Ireland’s three patron saints, Patrick,



Brigid of Kildare,


(Little Sis)

and Columba.

I made my own notebooking pages as I couldn’t find any I really liked.

The Arts

The girls had their first “art assignment” drawing a picture of the mythical creature they wrote about last week to add in their notebooks.


(Little Sis)



We watched the movie The Secret of the Kells,


the animation is done in the same style as the Book of Kells.

After picking out which picture from The Book Of Kells the girls wanted to learn about and color,


we listened to music from the group Orthodox Celts and a relaxing Celtic music mix I found on YouTube while learning the history behind the book.

We also had a Hobbit movie marathon.

Home Economics

We tried our hand at making twisted bread-sticks to go along with dinner.


They turned out really good texture wise but not so much twisted wise. 🙂

We halved the recipe and if we were to make them again ,I will probably try freezing half of that dough to save for another time. I think I will make them much smaller in size too as 1/2 a bread-stick was more than enough.



Still walking around the block.


Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life (When The Saints Go Marching In)”

  1. amandasmills Says:

    we’re going to shift into a four day a week year round schedule this June. I think its going to work out better. Now i’m working on getting organized for my first highschooler – I need to find that post where you talked about your record keeping.

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