The Selkie (Little Sis)

There was once a young Irish girl named Diana. She loved sea creatures and was fascinated by them. Her favorites to study are merrows and selkies.

One day, Diana decided to walk to the river to cool off for a little while. She splashed her face with water, but then saw something under the river. What she saw was alive and swimming. Diana wished that she could get a closer look at the swimming object down below, but then realized it was a small brown seal. “Could it be?…”, Diana asked herself, “could it be a selkie?” The seal then came up out of the water and showed its ginger brown skin. With her mouth opened wide, Diana took a deep gulp. She realized the seal was indeed a selkie. The selkie’s human skin was emerging through the seal skin. The selkie was a beautiful girl, she had long dark hair and light blue eyes. The selkie was out of the river but her seal tail was still attached. Diana walked over to the selkie and bent down to reach her. The selkie groaned and moved her wrist to the water to feel the waves. “My legs are feeling weak and I’m cold”, the selkie said while shivering and panting. “Is there anyway to numb the pain?” ,Diana asked. The selkie nodded and replied, “I will need to put my seal skin back on, but I feel too weak for that.” “I know !,” ,said Diana, “I could walk back to my house and grab a blanket.” The selkie shook her head and said, “that would be wonderful !”. So, Diana walked back home and got a blanket.

Diana walked back to the river, excited that she had finally saw a selkie. When she arrived at the spot where she had left, Diana found the selkie was still waiting for her. Diana wrapped the blanket around the selkie. “Thank you for your kindness” ,replied the selkie, “my name is Mackenzie.” Diana introduced herself. With her warmth restored, the selkie was ready to go back into the river. Diana asked Mackenzie, “Do you think we can meet again?”. Mackenzie nodded and said “yes, I would like that.” Both girls agreed to meet later next week. “It was nice meeting you”, Diana said. “I agree”, said Mackenzie.

Every week both girls continued to meet and became close friends. As time passed by, Diana grew up and became an artist, painting selkies were her favorite.


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