Week In The Life (Reflection)

Well, the girls, mostly, are now prepared for summer. I guess I wasn’t the only one taken by surprise by the unexpected temperatures because the stores were packed. We literally had to wait in a line to try on clothes due to the overcrowding in the dressing rooms. At least the warmer temps have brightened up the scenery around here, inside and out.


The peonies are in full bloom and our garden, with the exception of our pepper plants for some reason (I’m thinking soil ph), is doing really well.


Our strawberries are beginning to bud and everything we’ve planted can now be seen above ground.

We are now more than 80 days into our school year and I am beginning to feel my restored confidence. I forgot to mention in my last post that our school year starts in January and ends in December. I’m not really sure how or why the school year is set up the way it is, with the children starting a new year in August and it ending in May of the next year. I, myself have just found it a lot easier to view our school year, as a full year. Maybe it makes for an easier visual on my part, being able to see the 365 full calendar days, or it just feels right come January 1, celebrating a new year and all, for us to start a new school year too. Anyway, it works for us.

It worked out perfect for the girls too. Since Sky was first to be “schooled” I just kind of followed her lead. I focused more on setting up a routine than trying to do actual school at home. We read, watched Mr. Rogers, baked, colored, played with play dough, had tea parties, danced to Greg and Steve, sang along with The Letter People songs, and enjoyed our time together. We are surrounded by learning inspiration.



By the time Little Sis came, I had my routine perfected and she just kind of followed along. She loved “playing school” with sissy and painted, and listened to our lessons with us. Of course, there were a few bumps along the way.

The biggest problem in homeschooling I have faced, besides getting my head around this high school thing and the one piece of advice I will share to anyone just starting the homeschooling journey is don’t get too hung up on one approach or philosophy.

Even though homeschooling isn’t really anything new as far as history goes, it is fairly new in our current society. Most methods we use for homeschooling, like Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, even unschooling, were never really used to “homeschool” as we do today. This is kind of big. Homeschoolers of this generation really are testing the waters of what will work and what won’t. Yeah, it’s kind of scary too.

Can you learn from those homeschooling methods? Of course. Problems arise when the “rules” of whether you’re “Waldorf” or “unschooling” enough can’t be broken and fingers start getting pointed. No one really can have all the answers. Many have what worked for their families, and we can learn from them, but their family isn’t my family. My family isn’t your family. What works for us might not work for you. You will need to find your own routine, your own method.

This is our method, our families homeschooling journey, and I am still learning right along with you. Only time will tell how it will all play out.

Language Arts

We finally finished our Irish Fairy and Folktales. The girls and I went over some steps on how to write your own folktale, and I printed a reminder sheet for their journals (I divided a binder for both girls to keep math and English notes that may come in handy later. The math journal has been a huge help for Sky this year.).



Their writing assignment this week was to come up with their own folktale. Little Sis finished her story already. Sky’s is a bit longer so I have given her more time.

We listened to Edward Lear’s Nonsense Verses too.


Their words of the week were:

sacrifice, relics, scribes, patron, abbot, furrow.


Miss Sky practiced comparing, adding and subtracting, and multiplying decimals.





Little Sis Worked on fractions, ordering decimals, adding and subtraction review from her workbook Math Made Easy 3rd grade.

Social Studies

World History

This week we went back to our ancient history studies learning about the Celts (where we left off right before the start of “Christmas school”.).


We started the documentary BBC The Celts Rich Traditions and Ancient Myths, but couldn’t finish it. It reminded me of something Benny Hill would have made fun of. I couldn’t tell if the documentary was trying to take itself seriously or meant to be funny, we thought it comical, not in a good kind of way. Instead of wasting more time, we watched an episode of the Ancient Warrior series about the Celts. (found on YouTube).

The girls added notes to their notebook timeline.


(Miss Sky)


(Little Sis)

Making my own notebooking page again.


We watched an episode of NOVA called Ghosts of Murdered Kings, about the latest bog body find.


The Arts

Continuing our study of Edward Lear, we discovered he was an artist as well as a writer and discussed several of his paintings.

We tried our hand at sculpting, where we discovered we needed more instruction (it is harder than it looks), and made Celtic crosses while listening to Enya (found on YouTube).


We also watched Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, live from Hyde Park, London (found on YouTube).

For fun, I came across a Mickey Mouse and Friends cartoon of the William Tell Overture.

Home Economics

The girls requested no bake oatmeal cookies, it’s that time of year again where I stop using the oven.


They made both chocolate and peanut butter. We reduce the sugar by 1/2 cup and they are still pretty sweet.


Still walking around the block.


Peace for the journey.


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