The Selkie’s Skin (Sky)

Once upon a time in ancient Ireland within the Irish Sea, there lived a beautiful selkie named Sabrina. She had the most beautiful blue eyes any sea-man could have ever laid eyes on, and she had the silkiest golden hair you could ever feel. However, Sabrina was not very fond of humans. She had seen many of her friends lose their seal skins and become slaves to men. Sabrina vowed to never lose her seal skin.

One day while Sabrina was swimming in the sea, she began to feel sleepy. Since she felt too lazy to swim back home she decided to snooze on a tiny rock island she saw ahead of her. She came upon the rocky shore and slipped slowly out of her brown, slim, seal skin. She laid on the top of the rock soaking up the sun. “I shall only rest here a minute,” stated Sabrina as she laid back. Between the warm sun and Sabrina’s heavy eyes, Sabrina could not resist the temptation of sleep.

While she slept, a young and handsome sea-man was upon the bottom of the rock, on which Sabrina slept, and was fishing. As he fished he heard a soft whimpering sound above him. Curious, he climbed to the very top to see what the noise was. When he arrived he could not believe what he saw, “A selkie…” he whispered to himself. She was so beautiful and he knew how to claim her.

Looking about he saw a brown seal skin, without warning he reached for it. Sabrina woke with a start and looked about. “Bless my soul, I should be home!” she exclaimed and went to grab her seal skin. She looked all around but could not find her skin anywhere. “Where on God’s earth can it be!?” she cried becoming very alarmed. “Is this yours?” said a soft voice. Sabrina paled and turned to where the voice came from. “No, not a man!” thought Sabrina in panic as she covered her bare skin. The sea-man was holding Sabrina’s skin and was pretty confused by the girl’s panic. “If the legends are true then you must become my wife, am I correct?” he asked shyly. Sabrina nodded slowly holding back the lump in her throat.

The sea-man took her by the hand and led her to his house where he invited her inside. “You can sit here,” he said pointing to a wooden chair. Sabrina’s eyes teared up, but she tried not to show it as she sat down. The sea-man went to get some fish from the kitchen to cook on the stove for dinner. During dinner, Sabrina looked down at her plate but refused to eat. The sea-man stared at her with concern. “My love, is there something wrong?” Sabrina could not hold in her despair any longer. She went to the sea-man and dropped to her knees, and with tears streaming down her face replied, “Please, in God’s name let me go! I want to feel the waves against my skin once again. I want to be free within my home! I’m sure you’re a good man, but by god please let me go!” The sea-man could not help but let his own tears fall as he felt so much pity in his heart for the girl in front of him. He got up silently and went to the back of the house.

When he returned he was holding Sabrina’s seal skin. Sabrina’s face lit up with hope and relief. The sea-man walked over to her and handed back her skin. Sabrina was now in a state of confusion. “Why human, are you giving this back to me?” The sea-man bowed his head to her and got down on his knees. “Because, you belong to the sea, not in my arms.”, he spoke sadly. Sabrina took his hands in hers “You are a good man, and for that someday I shall be your wife. Thank you for the kindness you have shown me this day.” With that, she turned to leave the sea-man and his house, but he took her hand. “Wait, before you leave, may I please know your name?” Sabrina smiled gently and pointed to her chest, “My name is Sabrina, may I know yours as well?” The sea-man pointed to his chest, “My name is Eric.” with those words they parted ways, but not forever. Eric smiled warmly because he knew that someday… Sabrina would be in his arms for many years to come.

The End


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