Week In The Life (Such Nonsense)

As I write this, Sky is out with her big sister taste testing sushi for the very first time, and Little Sis is out with Papa running some errands. I do not know the last time I have been home alone. I am scanning my memories for if there ever was a time. I’m sure there has been, but the fact that  I can’t remember means it has been too long.

Usually I am sporting a big pair of headphones as I write, trying to drown out the typical noise that arises from a teenager and her younger sister. Most of the time it’s a battle of my music over theirs. Right now, I can actually hear the birds, over the sound of the never ending traffic constantly driving down our street that is. How easy it is to take for granted something as simple as a bird’s tune, to actually be able to hear my thoughts for once.

Of course, I know one day I will miss all the noise. I will miss the interruptions of “MOM!” in the middle of thought, then coming back to stare at a blinking cursor trying to remember what I was going to write. I am aware Sky will be driving soon, though she is in no hurry to get behind the wheel, she has been showing signs of wanting her independence. She no longer needs mom to help make decisions. She’s no longer nervous about wondering off to a different part of the store to look at magazines while I shop, and she will take advantage of any opportunity to stay home alone when she can.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little saddened by this, I mean they will always be my babies. Honestly though, I’m not as sad as I thought I was going to be. I think it’s because I was able to spend all these years home with her, prepping her for life. I truly, honestly feel very confident that I have done everything I possibly can to prepare her for her own journey. There are no, “I wish I would haves”. I took the time to build our relationship around honesty and trust, and I made sure my actions matched my words when the boundaries were tested (yes, talking to me about anything, really means anything). I know this is just the beginning of her journey to independence, and more tests will come (Big Sis will be 25 next week), but this time I am ready.

Language Arts

We had a lot of fun this week listening to more Nonsense stories and poems from Edward Lear.



The girls really enjoyed the story, The History of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-Popple. I think I know who may have influenced Dr. Seuss.

The girls copied a few of Lear’s limericks in cursive,


(Little Sis)

and their words of the week were, chieftain, plunder, rapacious, bard, jig, and sieve.

Sky finished her folk/fairy-tale.

We also watched The Life of Edward Lear, Tales of Curiosity video (found on YouTube).


Little Sis learned how to divide with remainders and Sky learned to divide decimals by whole numbers.



I wish I could say she understood this but for some reason the extra steps are confusing her again.

This is when I wish I could climb inside her brain to see what is confusing her. I explain, that after you raise the decimal point the same rules of division apply ,but she tells me “No, there are more steps than just dividing.”  and for some reason the extra steps throw her off.

We will work through the problems together and she will get them right, then halfway through she starts making mistakes. It’s very frustrating on both our parts. I have however, come to the conclusion that no matter how long it takes us to get through math, I will continue working at her pace. The whole point of homeschooling, at least for me, is the fact that we don’t need to rush through lessons to get all the material covered by the end of the year. We can stop and actually master a subject, and that is what we are going to do. I’m not educating to hand out grades, I want the girls to understand what and why they are learning.


We watched NOVA, Secrets of Stonehenge.


Social Studies

World History

We watched The Rise and Fall of the Druids documentary (Found on YouTube), another short video on the many, many stone circles there are throughout Europe, not just Stonehenge,

and the girls added notes to their timeline.



We also watched the movie Boudicca, Warrior Queen. Okay, this movie carries a NR rating. So, I watched the first 20 minutes of the movie to see if it would be suitable, and it was a PBS Masterpiece Theater presentation too. I should have maybe read reviews before deciding, or did a little more research because we were surprised by nudity, incest, and rape scenes. I am not bothered by nudity or violence, the girls can go in the other room whenever they feel uncomfortable, I don’t make the girls watch anything. I also know that these things really did happen too and am all for not sugarcoating history. I do believe there should have been a rating for this movie though. So, I am rating it R. Now, with that said it wasn’t a bad movie really, and if I knew about certain parts I would have just fast forward them. Lesson learned.


I like to watch the Horrible History songs right after a show while the information is still fresh. We watched the song for Boudicca.


We watched Rick Steves  Heart of England and South Wales episode (found on YouTube).

The Arts

Continuing with art history, we watched the art video on the history of cave paintings and Stonehenge,

and the girls made pet rocks.


We also watched the movie Song of the Sea, that we loved!


I highly recommend it, the animation is beautiful.

Home Economics

The weather cooled down just enough to bake chocolate chip cookies.


Besides our usual walks around the block, we attended homeschool open gym.


The girls had so much fun and can’t wait until the next one.


Peace for the journey


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