Week In The Life (There Once Was A Queen Named Boudicca)

Between a holiday, Memorial Day, and dentist appointments, it was a short week for lessons. I am planning like mad to wrap up any loose ends we may have before our summer school schedule starts. I’ve also been looking at what we still need to cover before the year ends.

So far, I’m happy with our trial run of high school. It took me a while, but I’m confident we’re heading in the right direction. More than anything we’ve been working on perfecting our routine. Making sure we get started on time each day now that we have twice the amount of work. Since I am keeping track of our hours for credits, which is 1 hour for each credit (2 in the state of Indiana) for 180 days, I need to make sure we have the time to begin with. As of right now our days look like this,

Math 1 hour, 4 days a week ,about 46 weeks. (We take about 6 weeks totally, completely, no reading, nothing, off from “school” a year.)

English (Comp, British/ World Literature) 2 hours, 4 days a week (reduced to 1 hour during summer school), about 46 weeks.

Science, as of right now is 1 hour a week. Sometimes it’s more depending on what we are learning. I am planning on adding this daily for Sky starting in 2016.

Art History/ Appreciation is 1 hour a week, about 34 weeks (Summer school lasts about 12 weeks.)

Music History/Appreciation 1 hour a week, about 34 weeks

Dance History/ Appreciation Combining this in with our lessons and keeping track of the hours. She should have 90 hours easily by the time she graduates. (In Indiana a semester equals 1 credit which would be 90 hours.)

Theater Arts History Again combining in with our lessons and keeping track of the hours that she should easily get for the 1 semester credit.

P.E. 2.5 hours a week, about 46 weeks

Home Economics 1 hour a week, about 46 weeks.

History (World/ Geography and Civilization, so she will get 4 credits when finished) 2 hours (sometimes more) 4 days a week, about 46 weeks.

Okay, we still need to add foreign language into our routine, and Sky is still debating on which language she wants to learn. Starting January of next year I will be combining health in with Biology/Life Science, P.E., and our baking. Besides all that, I think we pretty much have her other electives she needs down .

She is wanting to go to art school so most of her electives will revolve around those kind of courses, like drawing, fiber arts, painting, maybe sculpture and photography. She is wanting to take Psychology and Sign Language and I will be combining Astronomy in with her Ancient Civilization studies. I will be combining U.S. History and American Literature together too.

This is just my outline as of right now, me getting all my thoughts down. I have a good idea how we are going to do U.S. Government, Economics, Consumer Science, and there may be a drama class thrown in too. I’m still trying to figure out Speech though.

With that all said,

Language Arts

I started Red Hugh Prince of Donegal by Robert T. Reilly as our read aloud. With us having Ireland’s geography and history under our belts, makes it much easier to visualize the story.

I also read and we discussed the poem Boadicea by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


The girls learned how to write a limerick, finding it to be much harder than what they thought,


then they typed it on my blog. I guess I should start keeping track of their hours typing too. They actually type faster than I can, and I can type pretty fast.

Their words of the week were,

clan, turret, vagabond, minstrel, amiable, gallantry, ally, annex

New words Little Sis has learned from playing Word Shout, din, jib, hob, and maw. I can’t say enough about this game, it has already paid for itself many times over.

Speaking of games, the Bananagrams have made their way back into circulation.



Keeping it simple since we had a short week, Sky continued practicing with decimals. The lessons from Math Doesn’t Suck start out with comparing fractions, and I noticed when doing her dividing decimals worksheets she’s having some trouble rounding off the answer. So, she practiced rounding decimals and bit more multiplying them.




Little Sis practiced some word problems from her workbook Math Made Easy 3rd grade.

World History

The girls copied notes about Boudicca into their timeline notebook.



Again, I made the notebooking page.

We finished The Pickwick Papers series that we all enjoyed,


and the series had an added bonus with A Night With Charles Dickens on the DVD. A Charles Dickens impersonator read, the most famous chapter from the book, in front of an audience. I love hearing authors read their work, wish more made audio books. I would have loved to hear Dickens read one of his stories.

The Arts

Having a short week, I kept it simple with another Enya song,

and we listened to the Fugees Ready or Not song using Enya’s Boadicea song as the background.

We watched Disney/ Pixar’s movie Brave, and Sky has been doing a lot of drawing again.


Culinary Arts

The girls made maple No-Bakes.


This time they used Earth Balance in place of butter and maple syrup as the sweetener. Texture and taste wise they turned out good. They were too sticky to hold though, and that kind of makes them unappealing.


It’s almost getting too warm for our walks around the block, but we still managed for another week.

We had a nice family game night, the four of us, over the weekend.


Peace for the journey.


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