Week In The Life (Lighten Up and Bend A Little)

So when does our summer school “officially” start? June 21st, Summer Solstice. Actually, the girls get that week completely off so, really we start the week after. That means 2 more weeks for me to try and finish our block. I think we are all getting antsy though because our calendar is filling up fast of summer activities, and the garden is growing like a weed, literally.


Everything is looking good. Our pepper plants are finally starting to grow,


and so are the strawberries.

Little Sis decided she was ready to get her ears pierced and wasn’t nervous about the piercing at all.


She is the “trill seeker” child, and the one I fear is going to scare the pants off of me. She is the child that flew down our backyard hill siting in the back of a toy Tonka truck at 2, and laughed her head off on her first roller coaster ride.

I’ve never been much of a thrill seeker. I don’t even like to fly in an airplane. My problem is I think too much, I don’t like to be surprised. I need to know the why behind everything. It is one of the things about myself I needed to make peace with. Understanding it’s just who I am. This has helped me to understand that the girls are who they are too, and I do trust their decisions even if I am be biting my lip a little.

Language Arts

We finished Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal. We also listened and discussed The Vagabond by Robert Louis Stevenson.

There was a vagabond character in The Pickwick Papers.

The girls probably will not have any more words of the week until we start our fall school schedule, but Little Sis learned what gat means from playing Word Shout.


Sky practiced dividing into decimals and dividing by decimals from Math Doesn’t Suck. She also watched What is a decimal video (found on Youtube).

Little Sis practiced telling time, tables and graphs, necessary information word problems, number pairs, and the 2 times table from her Math Made Easy workbook.

Math is something I’ve found we need to continue all year.

We played a new game I found on-line called Decimal Place Value that the girls actually enjoyed playing. It helped both the girls (a review for Sky) understand how to compare decimals and all you need is a deck of cards.



This week was all about making rainbows. Our first experiment was Splitting Light from our Science for Fun Experiments book. Then we played around with prisms for a bit and learned about reflection and refraction.


Next we created an optical illusion of a rainbow on the floor,


then on the ceiling.


We watched Bill Nye’s episodes on Light Optics and Gravity.

We watched The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow and The Magic School Bus Gains Gravity.

Last but not least we watched Cosmos episode When Knowledge Conquered Fear about Sir Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley.

World History

We watched a short but sweet documentary about Isaac Newton called Great Scientist’s Isaac Newton (found on YouTube) and the girls added notes to their timeline.



They added Donegal Bay to their maps of Europe and we watched Disney’s Fighting Prince of Donegal movie (found on YouTube).

The Arts

The girls made their Coat of Arms.



Culinary Arts (It’s no longer called Home Economics)

The girls made Chocolate Mug Cakes in the microwave.


I mentioned my chocolate kick well, besides chocolate oatmeal I have been enjoying this brownie in a mug.


To make mine gluten free and healthier, I substituted oat flour for all purpose flour, Splenda for the sugar, and apple sauce for the oil. It tastes exactly like my favorite gluten free brownies. Now I can enjoy them in the summer without using the oven. Add a dollop of frozen yogurt and dessert is served.



Still enjoying our walks around the block.


Peace for the journey.


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