Week In The Life (“Breaking The Law, Breaking The Law”)

Another pretty busy week, and I already have the feeling that I’m forgetting something before I even start my post. I hate those feelings. Since turning 40 they have taken a turn for the worst. I am constantly asking the girls, “Why I am going to the bedroom?”, “Do you know why I’m getting in the refrigerator?”. Even worse, “Mom, you left the burner on!” Then there is trying to remember which way to go to get to a certain store that we’ve been to a thousand times. Luckily, I’m still able to locate our vehicle in a parking lot. I guess it’s all just a matter of time.

Well, the warmth of summer has finally arrived. Temperatures have been crazy these last few weeks. Windows open, shorts out one moment. Then the next day turning the heat back on and wondering if plants need to be covered. I think I’ve washed our living room blankets 5 times already to put them up for the season. Honestly, I’m not complaining. I’ve noticed something else about aging is my low tolerance for hot humid and cold temperatures. Migrating south for the winter is beginning to make much more sense.

I have been enjoying watching the bats in our area take flight come sundown. It’s like clockwork, around 9 in the evening out they come communicating back and forth to each other. They are close to our home too, which is great. I’ve always admired bats and never thought them ugly or scary. The way they snuggle their young closely to their bodies is precious. I’m feeling very optimistic about our garden this year and keeping a lookout for our praying mantis and ladybug friends.

Language Arts

We have started the Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum as our read aloud.


L. Frank Baum is probably my favorite author and even his most boring story can bring a smile to my face. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long, long list of authors I enjoy. I’ve always been fascinated with words and the mind they come from. They can tell you a lot about a person. They can start and end wars, hurt and heal, and I love that. Though being someone that can be a little too serious at times, most times, I need silly and for things to not make sense. I need to have my imagination stretched and that is what Baum does. He brings both nostalgia and comfort through his stories, and will always get top billing on my bookshelf. 🙂

The girls copied The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson.



(Little Sis)

This will be their last poem until we start our normal routine back in the fall. They had the choice of poems to pick, from the year, to memorize. Little Sis picked The Song of Wondering Agnes and Sky picked Old Ireland.

We also listened to and discussed the poem.


We listened to the story of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter too.


This is listed as the first “science fiction” story written. The girls really enjoyed it. At first, we thought it to be like most fairy tales, then it takes a bit of a different twist.

The girls played Bananagrams and Little Sis’s new Word Shout word she learned this week was nix.


Sky worked on decimals at Khan Academy. Basically keeping it light until after our week off, no sense in starting a new topic yet.

Little Sis did the 2s, 5s, and 10s table worksheets from Math Made easy 3rd grade. The organization in the workbook stinks. It skips from one skill to another and I wouldn’t recommend it as an only math source. However, I do like it as a review after finishing 3rd grade at Khan’s Academy. Little Sis is already familiar with everything in this workbook, it helps her practice those skills a bit more.

We have played the decimal place value game several times now, it’s actually being requested by both girls, and Papa has even joined in.

The girls played Multiplication Squares as a warm up this week, and thanks to Tennyson’s poem we discussed how much a league is.


World History

For starters, we went to an SCA gathering.




They had re-enactments, games, and crafts. It was a lot of fun. We learned a few new games, Fox and Geese,


(they gave us this set to take home)

that the whole family enjoys,

and Nine Man’s Morris.


Papa made a wooden board version for us to play to save wear and tear on the travel version.


The geese have yet to win, but Little Sis came very, very close.

We watched the satire movie The Charge of the Light Brigade.


We had lots of discussion on what satire means, and Sky wants me to add if you are sensitive to horses dying,  give this movie a pass. She did not find those scenes funny at all. I have mix feelings about the movie but do agree with Sky that the animated propaganda scenes made the movie worth watching and discussing.

The girls added notes of Hugh O’Donnell, The Nine Year War,


and Edmund Halley to their timeline.


Halley is fascinating to learn about, he carries a very impressive biography.


I forgot to add in my last post our discussions from our non-Newtonian Fluid experiment we did last year.


We watched episode 4, A Sky Full Of Ghosts, from Cosmos and the PBS Nature episode Ireland’s Wild River.

We did a defying gravity experiment,



and watched videos on Kepler’s Laws (found on YouTube).

The Arts

Art and Animation

We watched the movie The Tale of Princess Kaguya.


The girls loved it and the animation is beautiful.


We listened to the Irish folk songs, Hugh O’Donnell, and Molly Malone and Danny Boy by Sinead O’Connor (found on YouTube).


Both girls had their share of drawing.


(Little Sis)



Culinary Arts

The girls have been busy in the kitchen this week too.

Sky wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries,


both girls made Vegan cookie dough for 1,



and we made my, and little sis’s  favorite Best Ever No Bake Bars, and they are the best too.



We added 1/3 cup honey,  2/3 cup peanut butter, and used Earth Balance instead of coconut oil.

I love regular no bakes but they have way too much sugar in them. I’m actually going to try these next time with only 1/4 cup honey because the chocolate chips and peanut butter both contain sugar. We used unsweetened coconut too.


We may have walked around the block our last time for the summer earlier in the week, and both girls requested Walk Away the Pounds when temps hit in the 90s.


Peace for the journey.


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