Week In The Life (“Because The World Is Round”)

Well, this week we brought our regular school schedule to a close, finishing up any loose ends and planting the seeds for our next block of studies. The ironic part is that I had no plans to take the direction in which we a heading, it just kind of happened.

This is why I am not big on planning out our whole school year at once because I am never fully sure where we may journey to next. I am more of a needing to see the whole picture first type of person, then I am able to start filling in the pieces. It reminds me of my grandmother showing me how to put puzzles together. She would tell me, ” first, we find all the straight edge pieces to put the border together, then we can add the middle pieces”. I know what each of my girls needs to know before high school, and what they need to know after, which is my border, or the foundation. Then I start building or filling in our blocks, or pieces. I loosely keep track of what is covered each year in school, if ever the need should arise, but stick more closely to the girls’ abilities (like a one-room schoolhouse).

I’ve mentioned before how we school year round, 4 days a week leaving Friday as a catch-up day as well as my planning day. If we attend something over the weekend, like the SCA gathering last week, I count that day as a school day too. We never stop learning, and if we do something “school looking”, I count it. Homeschooling is a lifestyle, not just something we do.

Our schedule leans more towards a seasonal one starting each new year in January, having a lighter schedule during summer, picking back up during the Autumnal Equinox, and gearing our lessons towards preparing for winter solstice and Christmas to close out the year. I do use a monthly planner, a cheap drugstore one, to help keep me on track of how many weeks we have for each seasonal block, and for our attendance.

I am also not a buy everything at once type of gal. At the beginning of each year, I put aside our budget for homeschooling and buy items as we need them. This way, I have the funds ready to take advantage of “back to school sales”, as well as what we need when the times comes. This also helps me to stay focused on only purchasing items we really need instead of ones I might just want. (There are lots of things I would love to have, but we just don’t have room in our small house.) I discovered when first starting out homeschooling, that we wouldn’t use half of what I thought we would, or interests would change and our studies would take a completely different turn, or I would find what we needed for free online or at the library. (If you have internet access and a library card, you can homeschool.)

I’ve also mentioned before how I am a bit radical. So, my choice to homeschool is different than most. I understand why historically schools came to be. After the Industrial Revolution, factories needed workers. Eventually, workers needed to be able to read and write. School is where you went to gain knowledge. Most homes only had 1 book, which more than likely was a Bible.

In 2015, school is not the only place to learn from anymore and here in the United States, factories are not much of an option. We are a different society. I have readers, of my blog, from all over the world, and I can translate a blog from another country into English. In my opinion, schools are outdated and there are way too many hands holding the reins. (I also understand, that there will always be a need for schools. Not everyone can or will want to homeschool.)

We know more today than we did then, but like with any new idea or thought it’s automatically considered bad or wrong, at first. We see it time and again throughout history with all the thinkers who were ahead of their time. My heart saddens thinking of all the scientists, artists, and writers never given the chance to see their impact.”You’ve been given a great gifGeorge. A chance to see what the world would be like without you.”

I, myself am so very thankful for the many people that risked their necks to help get us where we are today, and I have a pretty good feeling about the future of homeschooling.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

Language Arts

We finished the Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum, and I read both poems, The Sea Fairies and The Mermaid by Alfred Lord Tennyson.


I “tested” the girls spelling and vocabulary of all the words they had this year (words of the week) and we went over the list of Words Every Freshman and 3rd grader should know.




Little Sis managed to block the fox in the game, Fox, and Geese,


and has taken interest in Chess (which pleases Papa tremendously).

She also did the 3 and 4 times tables and mixed tables worksheets from Math Made Easy 3rd grade.

I enrolled both girls at Xtramath.


Sky continued working on dividing decimals at Khan Academy, and a worksheet from Ecucation.com.


Right now, as I type this they are playing the Sims video game. It is so funny listening to them argue over spending money to purchase items for their home. I remember when they first started playing the game that they never cared about the money part, just what their characters looked like.


We watched 3. The Universe, Early Man’s View,

5 The Universe Nikolaus Copernicus, and Copernicus, The Beauty of Diagrams (YouTube)

The girls added notes to their timeline.



We watched 6 The Universe Johannes Kepler -( YouTube), and the girls added more notes to their timeline.


(Little Sis)

We watched 8 The Universe Isaac Newton, The Beauty of Diagrams 3 – Newton’s Prism (YouTube), and Cosmos episode, Hiding in the Light.

The Arts


We listened to the History Teacher’s version of Because.

Then listened to Abbey Road by the Beatles.

Artist Study

I meant to add Paul Klee in with our Switzerland block but at the time it just didn’t fit in, this week it did. The girls picked out which painting they wanted to learn about. Sky picked Heroic Roses, Little Sis picked Cat and Bird.



We watched a video of his paintings

and Art with Mati and Dada, Paul Klee (YouTube).


We watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind movie


and a Trip to the Moon.


It was interesting to learn this movie was influenced by Jules Verne’s writings and considered to be one of the first science fiction films.

Culinary Arts

The girls have taken a major interest in mug baking. After copying the recipes from last week into their cookbooks, they have made the chocolate cake in a mug daily. They were excited when I told them I found more mug recipes. So, they made a chocolate chip cookie in a mug.



They both give it a thumbs up.

They also made pudding pops.


Follow the directions on how to make pudding from the box, add to popsicle molds and freeze.


This week the girls had homeschool gym, and they Walked Away the Pounds.


Peace for the journey.


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