Week(s) In The Life (Wuthering Around)

Well, I had every intention to write every week even if we did take a week off. I mean, I have mentioned several times how homeschooling is a lifestyle after all. What does a week off look like for homeschoolers? For me, it is anything but exciting. I caught up with housework and the garden. Oh, and then there was rain and more rain, and yes, more rain. Add to that my first root canal, first MRI and you pretty much see how I welcomed in summer (Yay 40). Is there such a thing as needing a vacation from a vacation? What, the week can’t be up already? Thank goodness my planning was ready, even if I wasn’t.

I also managed a high school homeschool webinar, that I highly recommend if you ever get a chance to catch it (I am not the kind of person that just recommends things unless I truly find something helpful. Actually, I stay clear of certain “big” homeschooling blogs because they are pretty much just advertising products, insert eye roll. Which is why I take pictures of what we use instead of including links unless they are free. And though she too is selling her service, and why not? I get that, people need money, I found the webinar far beyond my expectations and extremely informative.).


From the garden:


Our garlic and onions were ready to harvest and they are curing as I type. We had another really good crop this year. With all the rain plants have really taken off, just waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

From the kitchen:

While off, I can’t even begin to count how many mug cakes the girls made. They are in love with the idea of being able to make a personal size cake in a matter of minutes. So, that is what culinary arts looks like for the girls right now.

I have been freezing berries to store during winter. This worked out great last year, being able to have a berry smoothie during winter when I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat one more orange was awesome. This year I am adding sliced peaches in with the mix.

I also made another batch of vegetable stock. We went through quite a lot during winter in soups, and I love adding it instead of water to cook brown rice. Favorite recipe, 2 cups stock, 1 cup brown rice, chopped onion, and 1 cup of fresh vegetable choices like sliced mushrooms, broccoli, or peas, peas and carrots. Bring to a boil, simmer 50-60 minutes.

From the homeschool:

Language Arts

Our read aloud is Sky Island by L. Frank Baum.


Sky is reading the American Girl Samantha series out loud and finished book 1, Meet Samantha.

Little Sis memorized and recited her poem The Song of Wandering Agnes by Yeats.

Little Sis has also discovered the Twilight series and is halfway through book 1. Yes, she has a bit of mama’s Gothic interest in her after all. I was beginning to think this child couldn’t possibly be mine. She is my “girly-girl” and where Sky fell in love with Nightmare Before Christmas and Lord of the Rings at the age of 2, Little Sis liked Laurel and Hardy’s March of the Wooden Soldiers and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. She doesn’t like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Marvel !! It was being introduced to The Phantom of the Opera that we finally found our middle ground. We recently discovered another common interest as well, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I haven’t read the Twilight books, I’m not really into the whole vampire thing. Shelley and Frankenstein is more my style. Which is why I never bothered with Dickens, but man was I wrong about him. He has some darker stories that are quickly becoming favorites. Besides, I have been in teen fiction with the Inheritance Cycle for so long I am ready for a bit more stimulation.

Which brings me to the Bronte Sisters. How do we turn from studying Ireland back to Victorian Literature? Irish immigration of course. Their father was born in Ireland and changed his name when he moved to England.

I read their biography from the book Lives of the Writers by Kathleen Krull. The girls instantly became fascinated with their lives. We also watched   Brontë Country: The Story of Emily, Charlotte & Anne Brontë from YouTube and I happened to find another homeschooler’s Vlog on them as well.

I love her enthusiasm for literature because that’s me. I went from Cleary to King, just like Little Sis has gone to Twilight at 9. I recognize her need to be challenged like I did.

I printed out a color sheet and the girls came up with 10 things they learned about them.


We added their poetry to our read aloud, listening to about 3 a day. We read along while we listen.



This has led the girls to create their own villages


and writing their own mini-stories too.


They have made about 20 little books already by folding a piece of paper and their writing is even tiny.


Last but not least we watched the movie Wuthering Heights, that we loved!


Where the hell was I during English Lit class!? How could I have missed this story!? I must have been too metal proud or something to be seen with it because I would have really liked it.I loved my English Lit teacher and her class so I don’t know how I could have missed it.  Anyways, our summer reading list is growing by the hour.


The girls warm up playing at Xtramath.com and Sky worked on converting fractions and mixed numbers to decimals from Math Doesn’t Suck and Khan’s Academy. She did really well, I think she finally gets where the decimal needs to go. Little Sis continued working through the 3rd Grade Made Easy workbook.


We watched the Bill Nye episode on Planets and the new PBS series First Peoples.


Which fit in perfectly with an article Papa brought home that I read how 6-9% of our DNA has been linked to Neanderthals.

American History

We paid a visit to our local Native American museum of art, the Eitelijorg


and learned about Belinda Mulrooney and Gold Fever.



With the rain brought cooler temps and walks around the block, as well as walks to our local fireworks,


as well as walks around the canal downtown.


Lots of walking. 🙂


Peace for the journey.


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  1. big sis Says:

    I’m so glad she is reading twilight. Can’t wait to see if she falls for Edward or jacob.. I loved those books. Love you guys

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