Week In The Life (“Let Your Colors Burst”)

Well, if you live in the Midwest you are already aware of how much rain we’ve been receiving. I am ever so thankful for the sunshiny Fourth of July weekend we had but did not know it would be the last time that I would see the sun. I am glad I was able to capture it in case there is ever the need to prove that yes, indeed it did truly exist. I am thankful this year I didn’t purchase a pool pass, because with high temperatures in the 60s this week, swimming was the last thing on our minds.

From the garden:

We have yet to water our garden since when we first planted it in May. We have plenty of green tomatoes, thank goodness I like fried green tomatoes, but with current temperatures what they are I’m not sure they will ripen. (I am about to use our last few jars of tomato sauce too.) I am hoping our potatoes don’t rot with all the rain, fingers crossed. I am thankful our garden is on a hill to allow runoff. Meanwhile, I have at least been able to use our onions, and do have fresh garlic to look forward to.

From the kitchen:

Thanks to the American Girl Samantha series, we attempted to make pralines.



With cooler temps and all the humidity, we ended up putting them in the refrigerator to harden. They were really good, too good. They will need to be kept for special occasions only good.

While waiting for the mixture to reach its hard boil temperature, I explained how really this could count as a chemistry experiment. Basically, we were breaking the chemical compound of sugar down by heat and depending on how fast or slow it cools, we are able to manipulate the size of the sugar crystals changing its texture.

From the homeschool:


Speaking of chemistry, we watched a video on the science of making hard candy.

We also learned the science behind fireworks,

the girls colored a worksheet to add in their notebook,


and we finished the PBS series First Peoples.


Both girls warmed up at xtramath.com.

Sky practiced run on decimals and changing decimals to fractions from Math Doesn’t Suck and Khan Academy. I found the perfect workbook to go along with the Math Doesn’t Suck book. Kumon Pre-Algebra workbook 1. It starts with finding common factors and finishes with the order of operations.  I just wish I had found it sooner, but it is a great review for Sky to work on.

Little Sis continued with Math Made Easy Grade 3.

Language Arts

We finished Sky Island and Sky finished reading book 2 Samantha Learns A Lesson aloud. We continued with the Bronte Sisters’ poetry.

We watched BBC The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne’s novel.


This is considered to be the first feminist novel, and I can see why. I have to say this is probably my favorite story from the sisters, with Wuthering Heights as a very close second.

Yes, we also watched the BBC movie version of Jane Eyre.


I will wait until after we read the three novels before I make my final decision, I prefer to read the authors actually words, but I don’t really like this story. Whereas in Wuthering Heights, the emotions seem real, I have been angry, I have felt jealousy, Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester just seems creepy. I felt sorry for Heathcliff, I never liked Rochester. Now in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, well, I love everything about it. I actually am reading it now myself because I can’t wait to read it with the girls.

Moving on, we finished the miniseries Bleak House.


The girls and I really liked this series. Again, I will wait until after we read the story, but this to me is Dickens at his best.

We watched 15 facts on Dickens by Novels and Nonsense,

with the girls seeing how much they already knew, and they watched a video about him and took the quiz.



We were able to walk around the block once in between rainfalls and Walked Away the Pounds.


Peace for the journey.


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