Week In The Life (My Little Women)

Well, here we are again, another Friday with more rain that we don’t really need.

From the garden:

We went ahead and dug out our potatoes for fear of them rotting.


Not a whole lot considering how many plants we had. I am just thankful for any at all considering how the weather has been across the Midwest. I don’t think we will have much of a tomato harvest this year. Our plants are beginning to turn yellow from all the rain. Add this to the outbreak of the bird flu and the price of eggs going up, it doesn’t look like a very good year for farmers.

We actually have stopped eating eggs due to Papa’s high triglycerides and cholesterol (Heart disease is bad in his family, his dad died from it when he was 58.). We made the switch to Egg Beaters for baking needs months ago, but we only go through a container a week. So, I really don’t see that affecting us much. However, not having tomatoes, Papa will only eat homegrown, and not being able to make tomato sauce will. The family can’t stand store-bought spaghetti sauce.

From the kitchen:

Still freezing fruit for winter smoothies. The girls are still mug baking. They tried their hand at mug coffee cake this week.


The one on the left is my gluten-free version using gluten-free oats that I blend into flour. They turned out pretty good, a little sweet for my taste, so I want to try again next time using half the sugar and half the fat (We also made the switch to everyone using Earth Balance now.). Maybe a little maple syrup for the cake batter, and Splenda for the topping.


We also have been using Splenda when maple syrup isn’t a possibility as we need to watch Papa’s sugar intake too.

From the homeschool:


The girls are still warming up at Xtramath.com. I like how this has helped them with their speed, which is why I signed them up in the first place. Both girls worked on their workbooks, Math Made Easy 3rd grade for Little Sis and Kumon Pre-Algebra book 1 for Sky. I am almost 100% positive Sky will be able to start pre-algebra from Khan Academy at the start of the year. We are heading to percents in the Math Doesn’t Suck book and Sky’s pretty good at figuring them out from living real life mathematics. šŸ™‚


I gave the girls a general science quiz to see how well they would do, and they actually did well.


I am proud to say, science is not a weak link in our homeschooling. Honestly, I think this is because I have always let them be curious and explore their world. Sky loved Wild America with Marty Stouffer as a child. She actually would wake up early to watch it Saturday mornings instead of cartoons.


The same can be said about their Ranger Rick magazine subscriptions (that they have since outgrown šŸ˜¦ ). They both don’t see “science” as a part of ourĀ school, but as something fun that we do. PBS Nature and NOVA, Sky actually sees what is coming on and marks it in my planner as a reminder.

This is something I want to continue by not bringing in a dry, boring old textbook. Talk about a turn-off. Science is the study of the living through observation and experimentation, not reading a textbook, studying and regurgitating facts.

Speaking of reading about facts, we read Science in the news July’s issue.



This helps ignite conversations about current events, and speaking about current events, we talked about NASA’s new photos of Pluto.


(Very excited about Ant-man we are, though I do hope they bring the female superheroes in soon.)

Language Arts

As you can see in the photo above, we took advantage of “back to school sales” by investing in tablets this year for the girls. I thought how much we would save, not only money but with space too, by being able to read all the free books online. So for starters, Little Sis actually is the one who chose our next read along, we are reading and listening to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.



I read Alcott’s bio from Lives of the writers by Kathleen Krull and printed off a page where the girls came up with 10 things they learned about her.


We also watched a video from Novels and Nonsense (YouTube) about her too.

Sky read and finished American Girl Samantha book 3, Samantha’s Surprise.

We are continuing with the Bronte sisters’ poetry (which the girls can now read along on their tablets) and caught the American Masters episode on Harper Lee.

A Twilight update, Little Sis has two more chapters until she finishes the first book. I see her finishing over the weekend.

The Arts

The girls made Victorian house lap books, I printed off color sheets and some paper dolls that the girls used to color and create their houses with.



You can’t see the sides but they pasted stairs on each side.




(They cut this picture in half to use as stairs.)

There has been lots of creating and sewing on the girls part too. (For their Tinnies village.)


It is long overdue for Little Sis to get her own sewing kit.

We have been loving, enjoying The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends.


We have the collection of Potter stories that have been read and reread several times (This series is very close to being tied for the most read stories with Ellen’s Lion.). So, finding a television series that keeps the integrity of the illustrationsĀ and stories were big.

Then for me to find a ballet, Britain’s Royal Ballet, was like striking gold I tell you.


Along with more paper dolls.


No P.E. this week, I received the results of my MRI and I have a protruding disk in my lower back that is pinching my sciatic nerve making walking very difficult. My appointment with the specialist isn’t until August. My fingers are crossed I will not need surgery but steroids have not worked. I have been prepping the girls in the kitchen and they have mastered a few meals already in case I do. So, P.E. has been temporarily postponed.


Peace for the journey.


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  1. thehomeschoolmomblog Says:

    Send the rain our way (California) we’re tragically short and could use it!

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