Week In The Life ( “……….Must Go, According to Plan”)

“And that’s why everything, every last little thing,
every single tiny microscopic little thing must go…
According to plan,” Corpse Bride lyrics.

I am pretty sure, I am not the only one that experiences things not always going according to plan. Well, that is exactly how our summer has been. Between all the rain, and my injury, you could say our summer has sucked. I feel sorry for the girls and Papa for having to pick up my slack. The girls made 3 dinners this week in the crock pot. That is about all the strength I have, crock pot meals. I could very easily start complaining about why I need to wait 4 weeks to see a specialist (I had to wait 3 weeks to get in to a gastroenterologist), and how backed up the health care in our country is, but I am really trying to make the best of it. It’s been hard though, there was SO much I wanted to do with the girls this year. We were just getting involved with homeschooling activities again.

From the garden:

Well, we did have another mystery crop this year. One child was hoping, fingers crossed and everything, for watermelon. It turned out to be cantaloupes instead.


I am the only one in the family that likes cantaloupes. Like before when we had a mystery crop, it must have been from our compost.

The tomatoes have finally began to ripen, and we have been enjoying the grape tomatoes on salads, not eating tomatoes all year makes for a very special treat when taking that first bite, Yum.

We have also been enjoying a crop of summer squash, which brings me to ..

From the kitchen:

My new favorite way to cook summer squash is sauteed in a pan with a little onion as a side dish. I have also been enjoying summer squash, walnut, and spice, gluten free oat pancakes. They taste just like zucchini bread and I can eat them plain.

It is also that time of year again,


60 ears of corn put back for the winter. We eat it as a side dish as well as add the kernels in soups, and stews. This family loves corn.

The girls made muddy buddies as their treat this week along with a few dinners. I do believe I will be in good hands if surgery is needed.

From the homeschool:


The girls are still working through their workbooks and warming up with Xtra Math.


We watched the video on Apollo 11 and discussed the moon landing, celebrating its anniversary this week.


American History:

I read Louisa May’s Battle by Kathleen Krull. It was interesting to learn Walt Whitman served as a nurse during the Civil War.

Language Arts:

English Literature:

We finished the Bronte Sisters’ book of poetry.

American Literature:

We finished part one of Little Women and started part two (Good Wives). The tablets are working out great for reading along.

Sky read book 4 of the American Girl, Samantha series aloud.

Little Sis finished book one of Twilight and has started on book 2.


Both girls have been inspired to write their own poems (I hope to have the girls post them soon), and both girls are writing their own novels.


The Arts:

Art History:

We watched The Wind Rises, Miyazaki’s last movie.


We really liked it, even Papa enjoyed this one.

Then we watched The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness documentary (Netflix) about Miyazaki making his last movie.


I too feel like a 20th century girl living in a 21st century world. Computers good, yes, SO much is available on-line for school. However, just because we can do CGI doesn’t mean ALL movies need to be made that way. I do like how we now have the ability to bring movies to life in a way that we couldn’t before, but  I also enjoy the artwork of 2D animation. I like watching Hitchcock’s different camera angles, or learning how Howard Hughes got some of his shots.

I believe computers have the ability to make us lazy. I get computers are a tool, and we can do so much now because of them, and do understand that television has the same ability as well as reading books. I am guilty of staying up all night because I couldn’t put the book I was reading down.

I also prefer to read an actual book. I enjoy the way they feel in my hand, the noise truing a page makes, how they can be used as security blanket, but am thankful for the convenience of having a tablet too. There will be some books we read for school, that I know the girls will not want to read again.

I guess the point I am trying to make is, why can’t we have the best of both worlds? Oh well, this is more than I intended to write on the subject honestly. 🙂


I guess I will just end this post by saying,

peace for the journey.


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