Week(s) In The Life (Immersed)

I’m trying to find the positive after my last post, but these past few weeks have been crazy.

For starters, I had my appointment with the specialist and my disk has herniated. So, in 2 weeks I will be having lumbar spinal surgery. (Tuning forty hasn’t been very kind to me.) To say I am a little nervous is an understatement. After all,  this is my spine we are talking about, and my first surgery. I have been put under before, but never cut on. 😦

Oh, and I’ve yet to talk about perimenopause ,and walking around the grocery store with a bag of frozen broccoli, that I was purchasing, on the back of my neck, because hot flashes are NOT fun. I never, I mean never sweat before. Now, walking to our vehicle and I am drenched like I worked out for hours in the Sahara Desert.

If that wasn’t enough, our street has been hit with multiple break-ins during day light. If you happened to catch a Wal-Mart video in the news of 2 women fighting, that was just the beginning of a small town reputation going bad. Cops have been called out to this Wal-Mart over 500 times just this year, one ending in a car chase with innocent lives lost. Add this along with our state being number 1 in drug store robberies and a cheap hotel being located walking distance from this Wal-Mart, you can imagine the trash our town has been accumulating. I have lived here before the Wal-Mart and the change has not been a positive one. I am aware our town isn’t the only one dealing with break-ins. I realize it is a sign of the times. This is where I begin to get frustrated (Just Say No, “If we can reach children while they are young.” This IS the just say no generation.). You can only ignore the news so long, eventually it will come to you.

We happen to be lucky, being tucked in between awesome neighbors, we’ve always watched each others backs. Now another member on our street started a private Facebook street watch so, we are able to report anything suspicious. The one thing we do have going for us is our small town community.

All this to explain my need for tuning reality out, getting away from the internet and commercial television, and immersing myself into reading. The idea struck me while ordering book 3 of the Twilight series for Little Sis. Yes, she finished book 2 and is a fourth of a way through book 3. Since we have been home bound this summer, due to my injury, both girls found interests to keep them occupied. I realized I need to stop reading what other people are doing, seeing the happy summer vacation photos that just make me feel worse, and jump back into my love of reading. (And being inspired by Novels and Nonsense and her monthly book haul videos.)

I always keep a “paper” book going, for those times in waiting rooms, park days ext. Being we read SO much for school, I really don’t have much time to read “full time”. Just finishing a series, I was looking for a quick read and something outside of the fantasy genre. I decided on Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, the whole cyberpunk thing catching my eye. Since the book was written in 1993, it’s fun seeing Stephenson’s take of the future. It was just what I was looking for.

I also have a book, or an audio book going on Kindle. Since finishing Tenet of Wildfell Hall, I was ready for a new one. I have been putting Game of Thrones off for a while. One, it being another fantasy series and 2, I wasn’t really wanting to get invested in many character deaths right now. (Trying to stay positive, kittens and puppies.)

Well, while searching for my next read I decided to check the series out,  before I knew it the sample was over and I was purchasing the Kindle version. I am a third of the way through the book, and I started 2 days ago. I have not seen the cable series, being we don’t have cable, but I have seen pictures of characters. I already know I’m not going to like the fate of some characters already. It’s been fun disusing the series with Sky, she’s been watching spoilers on YouTube, and I told her I don’t want to know anything. So, she is pushing me to get to certain parts for us to discuss.

Well with Little Sis immersed in Twilight, and myself in Game of Thrones, Sky, my reluctant reader, has picked up Fruits Basket again.


Speaking of reluctant readers, a few tips, I’m sure to have mentioned before, is watching movies with subtitles on, (We can’t watch a movie without them now.) and reading along with audio books. (Called immersion reading, and the reason we purchased tablets.)

From the homeschool:

Language Arts,

We just finished Little Women this way. I love how it brings the story alive, and Sky didn’t even realize she was reading and finishing a 500 page novel. 🙂  (She also gets intimidated by the size of books.)

After we finished they took the quiz from SparkNotes. (Reading Comprehension)


Sky finished the American Girl Samantha Series aloud. This wasn’t our favorite from the series. In Sky’s words “After reading Oliver Twist, this series is really boring.” I actually thought so myself ,but wasn’t going to be the first to say so. I thought book 1, and the story with Nellie was good but the other books were just filler. The girls take a lot more notice of how a story is set up and the character development now (Thank you Nostalgia Critic.), and agree this series just skipped around too much. For once ,I really felt like they just came up with something to sell the doll.

The girls have requested reading the Beatrix Potter stories again after watching the movie Miss Potter,


and I printed off a page for the girls to come up with 10 things they learned about her.


I love the dictionary built inside the Kindle and the girls learned what exactly a fortnight means.

Little Sis picked up on the similarities between Twilight and Wuthering Heights with the love triangle between Bella, Jacob, and Edward. She has requested we read Wuthering Heights next.

Sky has continued writing her story that is now 22 chapters in.



Both girls continue XtraMath and working in their workbooks. I have been collecting the Basher Book series for our home library and we have been going over the Math, A Book You Can Count On. I really like this series and though it is geared for elementary age children, it is perfect for my visual learner.




Since I have not been able to take the girls swimming, I thought at least I could hook up the sprinkler. It was fun to get outdoors again, without rain.


We enjoyed watching the golden finches eat from our neighbor’s sunflowers. This is the first time I’ve seen a family of them in our area.

The Arts

Being we love stop-motion animation, we watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox.


It was our first Wes Anderson film and Sky put in a request to see his other films.

Sky continues to draw.


Theater History

We watched Broadway Idiot (Netflix Instant).


It was interesting to learn about the Gypsy Robe tradition.


Being a huge Green Day fan, I would love to see this musical. I know we are going to have lots of fun with this course.

Not much is coming out of the kitchen these days, besides quick meals. I just don’t have the energy to cook big meals right now. I am pretty impressed with how much the girls can cook. At least, I know they will not starve.

From the garden:


Our first cantaloupe. Not bad for not planting them. 🙂

Peace for the journey


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