Week In The Life ( Moors Please)

Well, this week proved to be a little less crazy. Sleeping has become a bit difficult for me. I already had a touch of insomnia, thanks again perimenopause, but with a herniated disk I can’t seem to get comfortable. Atleast it has made counting down the days until my surgery tolerable. Then out of nowhere, Little Sis came down with a 24 hour stomach bug. You never really know just how much you are needed until an injury takes you out of commission. I know one thing is for sure, both girls have a new respect for the role I play in this family. “Will the dishes ever stop!?” A question I have asked many a times. 🙂

Actually, I am ready to get things back to normal, fingers crossed. At first, besides the horrible pain, I was glad for “having a break”. That lasted about 2 days. I discovered something else out about myself. Though I am considered a homebody, I do like to keep busy. Yes, I like to kick back with a cup of tea and nice conversation, or a book. I need to keep my mind busy. Yes, I am a little bit slower to get my day started. After a while though, I need to move. I never really noticed this before, because, as many parents know, there is always something to do. Laundry, dishes, meals, dusting (seriously, something I don’t think I’ve seen mentioned much with homeschooling, is how dirty your house always seems to be.). “I swear, I just dusted.” Vacuumed, yes just yesterday.”

I am, however, 2/3s of the way through Games of Thrones. I know I will be able to finish it next week while I recover. Though I am reluctant, because I know one of my favorite characters is about to die. I am torn on how I feel about this. It is refreshing to read a story where everything doesn’t end picture perfect. Kind of like real life. Then again, I am like why!? I guess I will have to wait 6 more books to see if the pay off was worth it. (It better be worth it.)

From the garden:


(Yes those are frozen yogurt containers that we have accumulated through the years. They make great all purpose containers, garden containers, but most of all we use them for our indoor compost scraps. Then they can be recycled. No waste. 🙂 )

Looks like a pretty good crop, but considering how many plants we had it really wasn’t. We did manage several jars of tomato sauce, and salads have been daily.

We had another rain free weekend, and was able to enjoy eating outdoors. The girls decorated the table.


From the homeschool:

English Literature

We started Wuthering Heights as our next read along.



The girls agree that the story is better than the movie, and we liked the movie. They have been so immersed in the story, neither can believe the 30 minute chapter is over and have asked to keep reading.

I am continuing to read our Treasury of Beatrix Potter Stories. The girls have asked for them as gifts to have for their own libraries. They have been making a list of all their favorite stories.

American Literature

I have been trying to catch up with Little Sis and her reading series, thinking a 2 book start would be okay. She is more than halfway through book three in the Twilight series (She is taking my challenge seriously), and if that wasn’t enough, she is reading 2 series at once and is halfway through book 4 of the Gallagher Girls series too. (I know she is reading,because she gives me a chapter by chapter narration (all on her own).

She read Book 5 in the series of Violet Mackerel, Violet’s Possible Friend out loud. She flew right through this book.( Did I mention she picked Wuthering Heights as our next story? ) I really, really like this series. Most “girl” series are about quirky girls, like Sky. Little Sis is not “quirky”, she is quiet, does what she is told without me needing to say a word, and is way more mature than her age (she acts like she should be the older sister). Violet Mackerel is a quiet, and more mature kind of gal that she can relate to.


Nothing new to add here. I am really glad to have found the Kumon workbook for Sky as it contains a few things she didn’t learn from the Math Doesn’t Suck book.



Sky, on her own, watched the Hidden Kingdom series.


American History

We watched the American Girl Samantha movie, found on YouTube. We all agree the movie is much better than the books for once. It is what the book series should have been. I personally would bypass the series and just watch the movie.

I printed a Victorian paper doll to represent the 1900s in America for the girls to add to their history of Earth notebooks.


We also watched the Little Women movie.


Of course they had to make changes, I know. Overall, its not a bad movie. We all agree we would rather read the story.

The Arts

We also watched the Anime version of Little Women too. (YouTube). As much as we are fans of anime, we didn’t care much for this one. The added parts took away from the original story, and honestly, just didn’t fit well. If they stuck to the story it wouldn’t have been too bad. I guess we are spoiled with more adult like anime, not talking down to children to make for a more entertaining movie ( like needing to add fart noises just to get laughs). To their credit this anime was made in the early 80s.

Well, we will be taking it easy this week, probably continuing Wuthering Heights and maybe checking out the Little Women musical I found on YouTube. Peace for the journey.


2 Responses to “Week In The Life ( Moors Please)”

  1. Miriam Says:

    I find it so frustrating to not feel well. Fortunately I’ve had good health lately, and I don’t take it for granted. Hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thanks, so much to easily take for granted. I know I will be taking care of my back a whole lot more from now on. 🙂

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