Week(s) In The Life ( Musical Thrones)

I haven’t been feeling up to writing lately. However, I have found that usually means I should. My micro lumbar discectomy went well. I still have major nerve pain. I guess I herniated my disk a long time ago (without knowing) because the surgeon said my disk was growing out over my spine. He had to cut through my bone in order to get to where the nerves were pinched.

Movement on my part has been slow. Call me crazy, but for some reason, I had the idea I would be up and out walking around the block again within the next few days. I thought all my pain would be gone and could jump right back to where life left off before all this began.

Nope, my body needs time to heal, not just from the surgery itself, but from the damage, the herniated disk caused as well. I need time to retrain my leg muscles to do what they are meant to do instead of spasming to protect my nerves. I can’t even stand long enough to cook a meal without my muscles tightening up. It sucks!! I feel like my house is falling apart all around me and I can’t do anything about it.

I am a very organized type of person, I do not like surprises, I need to know plans ahead of time. I must feel secure in order to relax, and right now nothing in my life is secure.

I also suffer from anxiety that can cause panic attacks. I have never shared this here before. I didn’t even realize I suffered from anxiety until a few years ago when I had a massive, and I don’t use that word lightly, a panic attack that landed me in the emergency room. In healing, or finally being able to accept me, I discovered I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. It really is amazing when you can finally forgive yourself, for being you, how much more clearly you are able to see. Life no longer has time for pettiness and games.

I no longer care about arguing or trying to prove one way is right over another. I no longer feel the need to try to be interested in things, that in all honesty, I could care less about, to be liked. I don’t feel embarrassed about what I do like either.

I guess that is why I am able to be open about my anxiety now.  Why I needed to write today even if I didn’t want to because I didn’t have anything positive to say. Life for me right now isn’t positive. Guess what, that happens while homeschooling too. Life for us doesn’t change just because we decide not to send our children to school.

So, what does someone recovering from surgery do? Read a lot. I finished Game of Thrones and started Clash of Kings (I am really loving my Kindle, and I honestly didn’t think I would as much as I do.) Sky and I have had SO many discussions from this series, like honor over loyalty. She keeps updated with what is going on so we can discuss the series together (She is my fantasy genre child, like her mama.).  I think when we start back to our fall schedule I will have her write some of her persuasive essays from this series.

Little Sis finished book 3 of Twilight and while waiting for book 4 started reading the series to Sky (She likes Jacob and the whole wolf storyline).


Sky has been creating felt animals being inspired by Game of Thrones,


as well as her drawings.




Little Sis has been drawing too.



Okay, even though I consider all the above a part of home “school”……(For any newbies just starting homeschooling it can be hard at first to understand there is no separation between the two. However, for the sake of “school educators”, I’ve learned how to keep track of what they would be looking for as far as “academics” go. Which is a part of homeschooling too.)

From the schoolroom:

Language Arts

We finished Wuthering Heights. Both girls, especially Sky, enjoyed the book much better. I, myself enjoyed the movie better. After Cathy died the book kind of dragged for me. I am glad I read it, and we learn the back story of Catherine and Linton much more from the book, but that was why I found the story SO boring. The girls also found it interesting the mention of Michaelmas in the story.

The girls took the quiz from SparkNotes,


and Sky recited her poem, Old Ireland. Both girls had until the startup of our fall school schedule, and both girls memorized and recited them before time was up.

Little Sis read aloud Magic Tree House Stage Fright on a Summer Night and I continued with Beatrix Potter stories.


Nothing new to report except, Sky is finally getting the hang of fractions and decimals. Both girls work out of the workbooks by themselves and on come to me if they need help. Then they check their work. Most times I need to help Sky find where she went wrong, and most times it is a simple mistake. Lately, Sky has been finding what she did wrong herself and correcting it without my help.


The Arts

Since we watched Miyazaki’s last movie we also thought to watch his first, The Castle of Cagliostro.


It was so different than his other movies, having more comedy, and I actually really liked it. It would be really hard to pick a favorite because I like all of them for different reasons. “Which of his movies would you recommend to watch first?” All of them. 🙂

We also watched a Little Women musical found on YouTube (It has adult and children actors). I actually liked the musical storyline much better than the movie we watched.

I introduced the girls to Kate Bush with her Wuthering Heights video and we watched three songs from the musical, Up Here With You, Cathy, and I Belong To The Earth.

Culinary Arts

The girls made gluten-free chocolate rice crispy treats.



We received our supply of wood (Hard to believe it is that time already). Both girls had to stack without my help this year, but are being rewarded with a trip to their favorite restaurant.

We will be taking the next week off with Papa being on vacation, and then gradually get back into our fall schedule.

Peace for the journey.


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