Week(s) In The Life (Tolerance)

On this day of remembrance, I am feeling a bit disgusted. This morning, I’ve already encountered an argument over religion with “my way”, is the right way. Current events from the last couple of days, pick any really, doesn’t help matters.

Science has shown me, we are all human beings evolved (whatever your stance may be on evolution or religion, I think we can agree) from a common source. Yes, we have differences. We come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different countries (just like every living plant, animal, insect, thing). I get that, how boring it would be if we were all the same. However, we are still homo sapiens.

I guess I’ve never really been a “labeling” type of person. I mean I have used labels to describe where I was on my journey, but I feel labels hinder internal growth. Why do we feel the need to label ourselves anyway? (My opinion or “theory” stripped to its core is acceptance.)

Which brings me to my point of all this. Being homeschoolers, sometime along the way the word socialization will be brought up. Honestly, I am so past this now I kind of just chuckle. Like many things, most times than not, it is repeated from something heard with no true understanding of what it really means. “School is more than education, you also learn how to work and communicate with others.” I saw how well this worked back in high school when a boy, that I sat next to in Spanish class, brought a machete to school stabbing the kids who were bullying him. My teen self would have called “socialization”, bullshit and I still do now.

History has shown me, that it will get worse before it gets better. I am hopeful for the better. 9/11 awakened in me not only what hatred looks like, but ignorance too. As a parent, my goal for the girls is to learn the opposite.

From the home-front:

With lots of new homeschoolers this year, and with lots of them starting school this week, I thought I would share a little bit more about how we homeschool. I see so many newbies asking questions about curriculum, repeating the same method used at school, at home. If a curriculum is your thing and works for you, great. Really, there is no one right way to homeschool.

I’m personally not a big fan. I’m not the kind of person that likes to be told what to learn, and if I “have to” learn something, I need to know the real reason why. Mathematics, for instance, is Earth’s language.

Though there are “core” subjects everyone must learn in order to acquire a diploma, how we learn those subjects is totally up to us. A curriculum is one of the ways. Now that we are in the 21st century, there are other methods besides literature and worksheets.

Don’t get me wrong, I love literature and we use it quite a bit. One of my children, however, learns better visually. So, I’ve adapted how we homeschool to fit the needs of how my children learn best.

Language Arts

These last two weeks have been all about Shakespeare. Sky, 9th grade (15), is working on her British Literature credit, and Little Sis, 4th grade (10) though well above her grade level, requested Romeo and Juliet as our next read aloud.

Being there just happened to be a performance of Othello going on at the same time, that was what we read next.

First, I read a summary of the story from the book Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb (also found free at Amazon).


We downloaded the story for free on the tablet from Amazon to read along.

They took the quiz from SparkNotes.


We are also reading and listening to some of Shakespeare’s sonnets.



Little Sis read Magic Tree House, Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve out loud on the tablet (downloaded using OverDrive).

Lastly, I continued reading more of Beatrix Potter’s stories.


The girls copied Sonnet 2, from the above link, in cursive that I had written on our chalkboard.

Spelling/ Vocab

Little Sis practiced her spelling words from 4th grade list one and took her test.


Her vocabulary words came from her story ( sentry, legions, impishly, anvil).

Sky’s words were from Othello she practiced at Quizlet ( imprudent, solicit, restitution, strumpet, reproach, mettle, discretion, imposition, disposition, trifles).


The girls warmed up at Xtramath.

Then, Little Sis took the 3rd-grade quiz from Khan’s and I started Sky with 6th grade and she completed the 7th-grade quiz. This made me extremely happy because she passed everything except the algebra problems, which is where she is now. So, 9th-grade math, for her, will be Pre-Algebra from Khan’s.

Little Sis worked from the 3rd grade Math Made Easy workbook. Sky from Kumon Pre-Algebra workbook 1.

We are also reading, from the Basher series, Math, A Book you can count on. There are mental math problems for each explanation (love this series).


We attended the annual Bug Fest at a local park, where Sky ate crickets. She actually did lots of research on how healthy crickets are for you before we went. Her big sister is the inspiration behind this new discovery when she brought cheese flavored crickets with her during a visit. (Thanks Big Sis 🙂 )




Continuing our study of bugs, we learned about how infected bumblebees self-medicate themselves, and Brazilian wasp venom kills cancer cells but not healthy cells from IFLS.





Sticking with the 1900s, after reading the American Girl Samantha series, we watched the PBS American Experience documentary, TR (found on YouTube). The girls took notes for their reports they will start writing next week.

We also watched the Crash Course episode on Bush 43


We listened to part of the BBC radio series called The Tudors, (taking us to the late 1400s through the 1600s England) with Tudor sketches.


We also watched PBS’s new series, Author, and George. All of us can’t wait for episode 2.


I mentioned our outing to see Othello,


and Sky made some theater masks.



The Arts

We watched an artists interpretation of the poems Lenore and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

Then, we watched The Raven read by Christopher Lee (RIP).

We watched movies 1-3 of the Twilight series, now that Little Sis is more than halfway through book 4.

I was hoping to be halfway through Clash of Kings by now myself, but am only 40%. This book is moving a bit slower for me, I think it is because when you take out so many characters from book 1, you need to spend more time introducing all new characters in book 2(and there are a lot of new characters).

Sky made another felt animal to be the baby of her other one.


From the kitchen

Apples, yes it is that time of year already.


Gluten-free pizza, crust made with my favorite flour, oat.


Papa loves this crust better than my original homemade crust. We used Egg Beaters instead of eggs and reduced fat cheese, so I like how heart healthy this crust is. (Toppings, steak, green peppers, hot peppers, onions, mushrooms.)


Also, my new favorite oatmeal.


It tastes just like cookie dough. I make mine in the microwave, heating for about 4 minutes.

I also found out I do not like sushi!

I think that just about wraps things up, I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but this is the bulk of it anyway.

Peace for the journey.


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