Week In The Life ( “The Nest of the Devil” )

Well, it has been four weeks since my surgery and I am finally getting out and about. I can honestly say this has been, by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Pain and mental wise. Your mind feels the same, so you think you’re able to just get up and do something. However, your body tells you different. You would think I would love being waited on, and having everyone else doing the things I would usually do. The first week was nice. By the second week I was ready to do something, anything!

I’ve been able to cut my pain medication down to once a night, then just two Advil come morning. This week, I was finally able to get behind the wheel and take the girls to a few homeschooling events. The real test was Saturday.

We went to a local art fair, where they had several streets blocked off filled with art vendors. I was SO ready to get out there. I woke up this morning a little sore, but no more sore than any other morning.

How easy it is to take our back for granted. You don’t realize how much we use it until you can’t. This week I plan on adding walks around the block back into our days. I am also adding Yoga back into my mornings. We are near an indoor pool, and I am thinking of adding swimming on the weeks we don’t have homeschool gym just shake things up a bit.

From the garden:

Papa was able, on top of everything else he was doing, to get the garden all ready for next year. We still need to plant garlic though. This will be the second year planting with our garlic.

From the kitchen:

During all that has been going on, I have really been getting good at cooking with a crock-pot. I’ve cooked a whole chicken, baked potatoes, meatloaf cooked over the baked potatoes, even lasagna. I’m actually having a hard time not wanting to use my crock-pot now. I love the time I am saving by using it. With our school hours getting longer, my time spent cooking meals needs to get shorter. There are very picky eaters in this family of mine. When you are spoiled on eating fresh foods, processed foods just don’t cut it. One child would rather starve than eat frozen types of dinners (think pizza, chicken nuggets, even french fries). My crock-pot has been the perfect solution.

From the school front:

Language Arts


This week the girls tackled A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


We read along with our e-readers (book free at Amazon).

Since seeing Othello, the girls have been curious about Shakespeare. I loved English Literature class back in high school. Actually, I always had stories, or books read way before we as a class did. So, I never understood the big deal about Shakespeare being hard. Maybe ,it’s from all the silent movies I’ve watched, but when something is acted well, you really don’t need to understand what is being said. I really didn’t see Shakespeare being harder than anything else I might have been reading at the time. So, I wondered what the girls would think about him.

The only thing I read to them before seeing the play, was a summary of the story from Tales of Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb. While at the play, I asked them if they were following what was going on. They both gave me a look like they couldn’t believe I had asked. “What is there not to follow?” That came from Little Sis, 9 soon to been 10. On the way home, I explained that some think Shakespeare to be a bit hard. Neither of them could believe it.

Maybe, it’s all the Dickens we’ve read lately, or all the PBS we’ve watched. Maybe, it’s the fact I’ve never “dumbed-down” anything with them. I’ve never looked at “maturity” as something that occurs at a certain age. I know people older than myself that I would never call mature. I’ve never forced the girls to watch anything they didn’t want too. Little Sis still does not like watching nature programs showing animals as the prey, and I will never force her to watch either. What I do know, is our Shakespeare study is moving right along.

After we finished reading the play, they took the test from Sparknotes.


We read the summary from the Tales of Shakespeare, the girls following along with me on their e-reader. I read about Shakespeare from Lives of Writers by Kathleen Krull, and we read more Sonnets. I am still continuing Beatrix Potter stories too (by request).

Spelling/ Vocabulary

Little Sis did list 2 of the 4th grade spelling words. Sky took her test at Quizlet.com. Her words were,

tarry, beguile, progeny, enamor, officious, condole, visage, pomp, abjure, sovereignty, tempest, dowager.


The girls copied the poem The House on the Hill by Edwin Arlington Robinson.



We went over how to write an essay with Essay Mama’s essay writing guide,


and the girls wrote their rough rafts for their Theodore Roosevelt essay.

Reading Independently

Little Sis is 3/4 of the way through Breaking Dawn. I am 60% through Clash of Kings. The book is really picking up for me now. Sky started reading the graphic novels of Game of Thrones (there are 4 graphic novels for the first book).



Math A Book You Can Count On

Working on

Warming up at Xtramath.com

Sky, Kumon Pre-Algebra workbook.

Little Sis, 3rd Grade Made Easy.



Science in the News about Pluto.


The girls took a science quiz, and only missed 1.


We compared the size of North America with the size of Jupiter from IFLS.



NOVA Dawn of Humanity documentary.



We listened to The Tudors Drama part of the radio podcast.

The girls came up with 10 facts they learned about Shakespeare.



We watched a video from YouTube about Elizabethan Theater,

and the girls came up with 10 facts they learned about The Globe.



We watched the American Experience documentary about Walt Disney, and learned a lot about him I never knew.

The Arts

I mentioned the art fair that we went to.


We came home with some new interesting items (my favorite being a new Santa Clause clay painted ornament, for my Santa collection), and Sky observed and asked the artists lots of questions.

Our local library is starting a homeschool STEAM class (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) for Little Sis’s age (9-12). Their first project was a Minecraft project.


Some new drawings from Little Sis.



We enjoyed watching episode 2 of Arthur and George on PBS and Rice University’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (found on YouTube).


The girls had homeschool gym this week (they have it twice a month).


For an hour and a half the girls, along with other homeschoolers, get to play in the gym. It is one of their favorite outings.

Peace for the journey.


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