Theodore Roosevelt (Sky)

In New York, 1858 on October 4, a baby boy named Theodore Roosevelt was born. He would later go through many hardships, and at the age of 42, he would become the youngest person to ever become President.

Theodore was a sickly child raised in a fairly well-off family, he had asthma that was so strong it almost stopped him from breathing. However, his father would hold him close while riding in a carriage throughout the night so Theodore could get a break from his asthma. Theodore loved his father, who was nicknamed “Great Heart”. Though sometimes his father could be scary, he considered his father to be his best friend through his childhood. (His mother was a pretty woman from the south.)  Sadly, his father died of stomach cancer on February 9, 1878.

Later in Theodore’s life, he went through hard training and healed his asthma by strengthening his immune system. During this time, he had a crush on a beautiful woman named Alice Lee (whom he was very protective of). After some time, Alice was married to Theodore and was now Mrs. Roosevelt. The house they lived in was named: Lee Home. However, at the age of 25, Theodore faced tragedy. While Alice was in child labor, dying of kidney disease, his mother was also dying. Within hours they both died. Alice was only 22, and Theodore’s mother 48.

Theodore had a daughter, who he named Alice after her mother, but he never mentioned her mother to her, and he showed little interest in her due to his mourning. Through time, Theodore remarried his childhood sweetheart Edith Carow on December 2, 1886, even though he didn’t want to remarry. He had his first child with Edith, a son that he named Theodore Jr. Theodore had a total of 6 children, the youngest a son he named Quentin.

In 1895, he became the commissioner of the police department and fought against the laziness there at the time. He also invested in Navy shipbuilding. During the time, while McKinley was president, Theodore was a lieutenant in the army that was fighting Spain. He called his army The Rough Riders. Theodore led them into battle, winning the war and not fearing death. In 1900, Theodore became McKinley’s Vice President. Theodore was not happy with the idea but continued to be Vice President anyway. On September 14, 1901, McKinley was assassinated, Theodore became President. Theodore was one of the few vice Presidents, and the youngest, to become President.

In 1904, Theodore was elected President of the United States, it would have been his father’s birthday. Theodore moved in a place called “The Executive Mansion” that was in very poor condition, however, Theodore and Edith cleaned it up and renamed it “The White House”.

While president, Theodore fought big corporations and fought for miners due to his fear of a revolution. Theodore also made the Panama Canal.  He was given the nickname “Teddy”, much to his distaste, for refusing to shoot a bear cub. This is how the stuffed bear became known as the  “Teddy Bear”. Theodore was the first President to travel outside of America and was cousins with Franklin Roosevelt (who would later become President). Roosevelt made a mistake by saying he wouldn’t run for President after his term was over, so sadly he was only elected President for 4 years. At the age 50, he retired.

When times in America got hard Roosevelt tried running for President again and made his own party called The Progressive Party, also known as Bull Moose Party because Taft was running for re-election in the Republican party. Though Roosevelt got more votes from citizens, he sadly lost to the Democrat Woodrow Wilson and left for a South American expedition.

At the age of 55 in 1914, Roosevelt went down a dangerous unknown river and was wounded with a broken leg that got infected and then contracted a tropical fever. His son luckily rescued him, and Theodore along with his son returned to America. Sadly, Theodore was blind in one eye and never fully recovered from his illness.

Back in America, World War 1 was starting and Roosevelt wanted to have an army prepared to fight, but Wilson wouldn’t allow it and Theodore thought of him as a coward. Theodore wanted to fight in the war, but sadly couldn’t. His sons fought in the war, all but his youngest son survived. Theodore went into a depression and became sickly. In 1919 Roosevelt died in his sleep at the age of 60 years old. He was buried at Sycamore Hill.

Theodore made the child-labor rules in America we know today. He created the FDA and was a naturalist. He also believed immigrants should follow the American way if you planned on living here. To this day we are still familiar with many of Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quotes like: “My hat is in the ring.”, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” , and his face is one of the four Presidents engraved on Mount Rushmore.  He is one of my personal heroes for the bravery and wisdom he showed America.


PBS American Experience TR


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