Week In The Life (Why Must Your Name Be That Of Romeo?)

Happy Fall!

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s time already. I think it’s because summer felt more like spring. So far, fall is still feeling like summer. Anyway, I have managed to get all the bedding washed and hung outside to dry at least one more time. Now to take stock of our fall clothing. Both girls are in need of new clothes. It wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t so picky. Neither likes to wear jeans. This is fine for the little one right now, finding pants for her age isn’t much of a problem yet. The bigger one, however, well it seems all that teens like to wear are jeans (at least that is what stores think). Besides sweats or leggings, the selection is sparse. Not to mention she is not much of a shopper. I need to take the girls shopping on different days. One likes to make a day of it, the other wants to just get in and out (takes after her dad).

It’s not just clothes that can be a problem. Little Sis finished Breaking Dawn and is on the lookout for what to read next. She really wasn’t into the whole vampire/ werewolf angle of the story, as she was with the love triangle (The Phantom of the Opera is her favorite story). This is where I fall short because I detest romance stories. It doesn’t help matters that she reads well above her grade level, and since this is for independent reading, and not school related, makes it even more challenging. Thanks to some great friends’ recommendations, she is 6 chapters into the Hunger Games trilogy. Hopefully, this keeps her busy awhile. I could always use more recommendations though. I pretty much have our school reading list made, so books like The Princess Bride and Anne of Green Gables have already been chosen.

Is it just me, or do other homeschoolers face this dilemma too? We read SO much here as a part of our school, what is left for entertainment? Do you have children above grade level and struggle with finding resources that interest them? Little Sis has problems fitting in with groups, though she is 9, 10 November, she is very mature for her age.

For instance reading clubs, for her age, focus on Magic Tree House reading level books, which I use for our history jumping off point (so school related). She would not choose to read this on her own for “entertainment”, and is well past this level.

She gets bored with stories like Clementine, that are geared toward her age, and longs for more intellectual conversations. She would love to discuss Twilight, but children her age don’t really know what it is, or parents don’t allow their children to read it yet. (I have no doubt this child will graduate early). Well, she is the child that never really “played” with toys. She beats us at all our games and is constantly looking for more challenges (why the girls are combined together for school lessons). “You were born older George.” I would love suggestions. 🙂


Language Arts


The girls copied So Oft As I Her Beauty Do Behold by Edmund Spenser in cursive.



(Little Sis)

So, how did I do handwriting? I purchased a cursive Painless Learning Placemat, before that I wrote the cursive letters on the chalkboard, for the girls to copy from. I picked seasonal poems for the girls to copy and practice. The same for handwriting. They would copy sentences off the board to practice. It could be from anything, stories you’re reading, or famous quotes, but I always tied it to lessons. You learn to print and write by practicing printing and writing.


I do have a few books we will start using in 2016 to help with the girls writing and punctuation, but for now, I am just having them practice writing book reviews, poems, and essays. This week’s assignment was continued from last week. First, they needed to take notes while watching PBS’s American Experience documentary on Theodore Roosevelt. Then, they needed to use those notes to write an essay about him. Last, they practiced typing by putting them on my blog. I wasn’t really concerned about what they wrote as much as learning how to do it.

I printed a picture of Theodore Roosevelt, then printed their essay on the back. Little Sis’s was 2 1/2 pages. Sky’s was 2 pages. I didn’t give them a page length.


Spelling/ Vocabulary

Little Sis did the fourth-grade list 3 at Homeschool Spelling Words.com. Right now she is flying through the lists and she has asked for harder words, but I think I will continue to see if the words get more challenging.

Sky’s words came from our story this week, Romeo and Juliet. She uses Quizlet.

procure, intercession, transgression, waverer, pensive, grievance, predominate, cunning, fickle, vial, heretics, sallow, fray.


More Shakespeare Sonnets.

We read Romeo and Juliet from Tales from Shakespeare, then read along with the play.



This has been their favorite Shakespeare story so far, and Little Sis caught the similarities between the story and the Twilight series. Edward right away reminded her of Romeo.

Reading Comprehension

They took the quiz from SparkNotes.




Basher Math A Book You Can Count On


Warming up with XtraMath.

Little Sis continuing with Grade 3 Math Made Easy.

Sky, Kumon Pre-Algebra.


Sky requested we watch PBS documentary about Gorongosa National Park. It’s basically showing how the ecology of the park changed after the civil war in Africa, and what they are doing to restore it and why.



We finished the music history of the Tudors from BBC’s Radio Podcast. I am hoping to add penny (tin) whistle lessons into our lessons soon.


I read about Elizabeth the first from Lives of Extraordinary Women by Kathleen Krull, and we watched the Kings and Queens documentary about her (YouTube).

I printed a picture of her and the girls came up with 10 things they learned about her. (I print lines on the back of the pictures for them to write on.)




I took advantage of Amazon’s Prime deal Friday for $65. We were going to try it next year anyway, so why not save a few bucks too. We have been watching Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons that spoof the serial and melodrama. I am impressed with how ahead of their time the humor was. Very pre-Simpsons adult cartoon humor.


The Arts

So far, we’ve seen one Shakespeare play live and one on YouTube, so this time I picked a ballet of Romeo and Juliet to watch (YouTube Prokofiev’s music and Alessandra Ferri as Juliet was a perfect.combination).

We finished PBS Mystery, Auther, and George. The girls really liked the series and can’t wait to read Sherlock Holmes. We also watched one of my favorite Disney movies, The Great Mouse Detective.


We took advantage of fall with a visit to a local pumpkin patch.




The real challenge was the corn maze.


It took us over an hour to find the 24 hidden trivia posts. We all slept well that night. 🙂


Well, Fall we welcome you! Peace for the journey.


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