Week In The Life (Hungry, Hungry Hyde)

Well, this is my last post categorized under 14 for a certain child. God, there is no way she can be only one more year away from driving. While attending homeschooling events, I have found myself feeling rather old surrounded by newbies. It’s really quite an awaking experience to realize you are no longer a new blood. Being surrounded by new homeschooling concerns, with me being in a place where I can go to a doctor appointment, then home to see my children sitting around the table getting their schoolwork over with. Where wondering if your child will ever be able to read or add are your biggest concerns, no worries of drunk drivers, or a certain child, that sometimes doesn’t seem to know where the hell she is in a parking lot, being behind the wheel of a car soon. Finally, getting to that place where you realize, parenting will never get easier.

Being a tad wiser, it has a much better ring than older methinks, I would like to express, that yes, your child will learn how to read and add. That it will be okay. Don’t waste those precious early years with phonics and workbook lessons. Enjoy the scribbles and Play-Doh creations. The “mom, what does this say?” moments. Those mornings, while still in bed, where reading Bread and Jam for Francis for the hundredth time is a must. Or, when you just don’t think you can stand to watch a certain Disney movie one more time without losing your sanity. They should take top priority right now. Letters and numbers will come. (We live in an age where words and numbers are everywhere.)

I can still remember what it felt like starting our journey into homeschooling. Those moments when it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest thinking, “what the hell am I doing?”, “can I really do this?”. It took me several years, and several different homeschooling philosophies to realize there is no one right way to homeschool. To be able to forget everything I learned in school and understand that real learning has nothing to do with regurgitating facts for a test. That all children are unique and a “one size fits all” education will not work for every child. That no matter how hard I try or might want it, I can’t make my children learn. The confidence will come. All we can do is our best, and that’s all our children can do too. 🙂

Language Arts


We kicked our Halloween literature block off with The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


We followed along with the story on Kindle, where the story can be found for free.

I read a short bio about Stevenson from Lives of Writers by Kathleen Krull, and the girls came up with 10 facts they learned about him.



In honor of Stevenson, we took turns reading A Child’s Garden of Verses (also found free on Kindle).

We also read a collection of short ghost stories.


Independent reading

Little Sis finished book one of The Hunger Games trilogies and is halfway through book two of Catching Fire.

I finally finished Clash of Kings, and am well on my way through A Storm of Swords. It may take me a bit longer to get through this book for two reasons. One, it is over 1200 pages long; two, I am not looking forward to certain events that take place. Why am I putting myself through this again? Oh right, because Sky has taken a huge interest in the series. “The things we do for love.”

Reading Comprehension

Before starting Jekyll and Hyde, we watched a few YouTube videos I found about the story.

We also watched his 6 minutes on the first 5 chapters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and his video on the last part of the story.

Once we finished the story, the girls took the quiz from SparkNotes.


We watched the Crash Course video on How and Why We Read too (YouTube).

Spelling/ Vocab

Little Sis completed the first 4th-grade spelling list at Spelling Classroom.com.

Sky’s list was from Jekyll and Hyde (Quizlet):

qualm, exorbitant, turpitude, tincture, apothecary, insensate, juggernaut (thanks, Marvel), pecuniary, countenance, balderdash, coquetry, conflagration, malefactor, abject, disquietude, induce


The girls copied the poem, My Shadow by Steven Louis Stevenson in cursive.


(Little Sis)


The girls are entering a haunted house short story contest from SparkNotes. I will post their stories on my blog after the contest deadline.


We discussed a narrative writing checklist before they started writing their story.



Warm up exercises with XtraMath (I give this program credit for Sky being able to progress as well as she is in math. Since she has been warming up using Xtramath, she hasn’t been making as many mistakes.)

Little Sis, Math Made Easy 3rd-grade workbook. Sky, Kumon Pre-Algebra Workbook 1.


We read and discussed Science in the News (A-Z) issue Gone Bananas.




PBS series Indian Summers


We have been watching new episodes of one of my favorite television shows, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, studying improv.


The Arts

We watched the silent movie, Dr.Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde.


We also watched The Hunger Games movie (Brutal, and I’m reading the Game of Thrones series.).


The girls had homeschool gym.

Peace for the journey.


One Response to “Week In The Life (Hungry, Hungry Hyde)”

  1. Miriam Says:

    I’ve felt “old” in the homeschooling community for a while now. My older kids are 24 and 21, and my younger ones are well beyond the early years, so I feel like a dinosaur compared to the young moms just starting out on the journey. And in some ways it seems like their experience is different from mine- homeschooling has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. I’m at a point now where I just live my life, focus on raising my kids, without feeling too identified with the homeschooling community. I have my friends, but I’m not actively networking any more or looking for that kind of support.
    Happy birthday to your daughter! Somehow they do grow up safely, but I’m not looking forward to having new drivers again!

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