Is The House Haunted? (Little Sis)

Emily, a young women, was walking around the large new house that her husband, Demetri, and herself just bought. Emily was still humming softly when she finally stopped pacing.”Em, Em!”, her husband called out to her. “What is it?”, Emily questioned in a curious tone. “Didn’t you hear that odd noise downstairs?”, Demetri asked.”No” ,Emily replied.”Hmm, my mind must be playing weird tricks on me.”, Demetri murmured to himself with a queer and confused expression on his face. Meanwhile, Emily thought to herself, “It’s getting late, maybe I should work on making us some dinner.”. She went to the pantry downstairs, to gather the ingredients she would need.

While downstairs, Emily heard the pantry door creak. With her teeth clenched, she moved toward the creaking sound, and opened the door. Inside, Emily saw what looked like a dark shadow fly past her and disappear into a nearby small closet. Curious, Emily went to check the closet, to make sure she wasn’t just imagining things. While stepping inside the closet, Emily saw the horrifying visible dark shadow, and suddenly the door slammed shut locking her in. Emily jumped at the loud noise of the door slamming, and wasted no time trying to get out. ” Demetri!,can you hear me?” she screamed while banging loudly on the closet door. Emily could feel two hands closing in around her neck, choking out her screams. It felt like her throat was clogged. “Demetri”, she tried shouting again, but her words caught in her throat. The room went black as she took her last breath.

Demetri, never heard Emily’s plea for help, so he went into the bedroom to get changed for the night. With all their clothing still packed in boxes, Demetri wasn’t quite sure where his clothes might be. “Emily!” he shouted, and received no reply. He shouted for her again, in a more confused yet anxious voice. Still, there was no response to his shouting. Demetri, got more confused. He walked into the next room closest to theirs and shouted, “Em!”. Still no reply.

Demetri’s heart felt as if it was about to leap from his chest as he stepped into the dark room. He tried to turn on the light switch, but the light wouldn’t come on. He heard a loud creaking noise on the floor that wasn’t his footsteps. “Oh Emily, I knew you would…”, Demetri stopped in middle of his sentence and looked around the dark room. The floor kept creaking as the door behind him shut and locked in the same manner as it did with Emily. Demetri’s breath caught in his throat. He thought about his wife, worry consumed him, where was Emily? ” Emily, answer me please!”, he cried out almost in tears.
There was no response, only the loud creaking noise that he heard approaching upon the floor.

While trying to adjust his sight to the darkness, Demetri thought he saw a dark shadow ,and sweat began to drip from his brow. “Who’s there? ” ,Demetri called out to the faintly visible shadow. Suddenly, the room was filled with light, as the switch flipped on . Demetri’s mouth gaped open when he saw crimson colored liquid ooze from underneath the door. “Could that be Emily’s?”, Demetri asked terrified. In the bright light, Demetri could no longer see the dark shadow that clung to the darkness.

Demetri’s eyes jolted open and tears swelled up inside them. His heart was beating rapidly, and his panting was almost unbearable. Sweat was dripping from his forehead and trickled down his face. He felt nervous, yet so happy that it was only a nightmare. Emily, was still alive.

Demetri rubbed his eyes, wiped the sweat from his face, and got up out of bed to go see his wife. When he found Emily, she was lying across their closet floor. Her eyes were closed, and her heart was no longer beating.

Maybe, his dream wasn’t just a nightmare after all. Perhaps, their house really is haunted.


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