Seeing You Again (Miss Sky)

My name is Wendy Maymore, I am currently riding in the car with my mother. We’re headed back to our old home. I don’t want to go back there, but mother asked if I would ride out with her to pick up an old chair we had left behind.

5 years ago, while living there, my younger sister Ellie and I were playing in the yard close to a nearby creek. Ellie wanted her doll to come and play with us too. I wasn’t in the mood for a fight, so I had gone into the house to fetch it for her. When I came back out, Ellie was gone. I quickly ran to find my mother, and together we began searching for her. I looked by the old creek. My face grew pale, there she was, my sister, Ellie was lying face first in the creek! She must have slipped and hit her head by mistake and was knocked unconscious. I pulled her out, holding her wet body against mine. I remember screaming her name several times, there was no response. Mother gently touched my shoulder and said, “We’re too late.”.

A tear slowly fell from my eye, and down my cheek, as I looked out the car window. The dark, dead fingers of tree branches felt as if they were reaching out for my soul while driving through the familiar towns. Nothing much had changed. The small bleak houses, that once held the people I knew, were all still there. The only difference was, they were all empty. The once life filled houses, where children could be seen playing in the yards, now seemed death like, and sad. It gave me an uneasy feeling in my gut, that I knew would not be going away anytime soon.

We pulled up into the gravel driveway of our old home. It was located in the country, miles away from the city, or small towns. This made me even more uneasy, knowing that there would be no one nearby to help if we broke down. I reluctantly got out the car and stared up at the old house that was once our home. It still looked the same. I was pale, and mother seemed to see my uneasy expression, so she tried speaking to me in a cheerful voice. “Wow, it sure has been a while hasn’t it sweetie?”, she asked and popped open the trunk of the car to make room for the chair. I nodded in response. Mother saw my nod and walked up to me, grabbing my hand and rubbing my left shoulder in a soothing manner she said, “Come on honey, let’s look on the bright side of things. Maybe you’ll find something you will want to bring back with us too.”. We both climbed the front stairs of the house, that were now cracked, and headed towards the screen door. Standing at the entrance, my heart began to pound in my chest so hard, that the sound swallowed all the other sounds out around me. Mother sighed, took the old door key from one of her pockets and unlocked the door. She turned the knob slowly and opened it. We walked in and the wood floor creaked under our feet. “I’m going to go get the chair, it should be in my bedroom upstairs.”, my mother said walking slowly up the stairs, leaving me downstairs all alone.

Waiting felt like hours, then I heard a strange noise coming from the basement of our old home. It sounded like excited footsteps running about.The footsteps grew closer and closer and then suddenly stopped behind me. Holding my breath, I turned around and gasped as I saw her, my sister Ellie. She was all wet and seemed excited as she reached out toward me.Terrified, I ran upstairs to my old bedroom. I feared my sister was coming to take my soul out of anger and revenge. I hid under the bed, crying softly as I held my breath. My heart was pounding incredibly fast, I feared it would leap out of my chest, or stop beating altogether. I heard the footsteps again, and I saw her dripping, wet feet walk into the room. “Sister, why are you hiding from me?”, she whispered, confused. Her feet stopped short in front of the bed. Suddenly, her face peered down and looked straight at me. I let out a scream. It seemed to scare her, for she jumped back and covered her face while falling down on her knees. I stopped screaming and could hear a slight noise coming from her. Whimpering, she said, “I’m sorry, sister, I’m so sorry if I made you angry or scared”. Then it dawned on me, that she might not realize she is dead. I crawled out from my hiding spot, tears rolling down my face as I took her in my arms (which surprised me that I could since she was a ghost), and I slowly told her everything.

She didn’t seem sad or hold me responsible for her death, she seemed happy just to be with me. She told me that she had been alone for so long and that she wanted me to stay with her now that I was here. “I won’t leave you, I will stay with you, somehow…” I said.

Mother walked into my bedroom where I had been hiding and screamed. I hoped she wouldn’t be too upset, I knew this was for the best. I held my sister tight as the both of us stared at my dead body. Mother ran out of my room crying. Ellie and I held hands as we watched mother leave the house, we both whispered…



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