Week In The Life ( I Vant To Suck Your Blood, Blah, Blah)

Well, this will be my last post having a child in single digits. Little Sis will be 10 this week, 10 going on 18.

She will be as old as Big Sis was when I had Sky. Sky is as old as Big Sis was when I had Little Sis, and Big Sis is as old as I was when I had Sky. 🙂 Time sure does fly.

Last year, the girls did not go trick or treating because it was too darn cold and snowing. I think I made up for it this year. Friday, the girls attended a homeschooling Halloween party.

Then, we attended Scare in the Square.


The historic neighborhood of Fountain Square’s independent local businesses passes out candy. The girls got candy, while I discovered where I will be purchasing a few of this year’s Christmas presents.

Of course, they went trick or treating around our neighborhood too.

I don’t buy Halloween costumes, I think it is because of the whole commercialized thing. The girls have always been into “dress up”, and cos-play. When they see an outfit or accessory when out and about, they usually purchase it. It’s all up to them to come up with what they want to be. Most of the time than not, it is something they’ve been influenced by, or really like.

Little Sis, loves The Phantom of the Opera and went as someone from the Masquerade ball. Sky was influenced by the Pride and Prejudice and Zombie book series. Only, she did her parody off of Cathy from Wuthering Heights  (Heathcliff’s skull is in her pocket 🙂 ).

I based most of our school lessons this week off the holiday.

Language Arts


We read chapters 17-24 of Dracula this week. We all are really enjoying it.

Independent reading

Little Sis finished Mocking Jay from the Hunger Games series. We watched part 1 of the movie, and she is super excited that part 2 comes out after her birthday. She just put on her birthday book list order.

I’m a little over 20% of the way through A Storm of Swords, which is like 200 pages of 1200.


The girls copied part three of The Bells, from Edgar Allen Poe.


Little Sis, learned list 4 from her words. Sky had the last set of words from Dracula.

rapture, lethargic, emancipated, morbid, solicitor, primitive, vitality, insatiable, confide, repulsion, asylum, anguish, anticipation, loathe, crypt


Warm Up at XtraMath.

Reading the Data Gang from Math, A Book You Can Count On.

Little Sis, 3rd grade Math Made Easy workbook.

Sky finished percents from Khan Academy, did a few worksheets to make sure she really grasped the concept and learned how to find a percent of a number.



We discussed what untouchables meant by the PBS series Indian Summers.

We watched a documentary about Bram Stoker, and the girls came up with 10 things they learned about him.




We learned about the Romanian Căluşari dancers.


We learned all about the country of Romania. I printed a page of Bran’s castle in Transylvania to serve as the country’s cover, and they added Romania to their map of Europe in their timeline binders.


We watched the documentary Wild Carpathian │ Mountains of Transylvania (YouTube).


We watched the PBS series Secrets of the Dead episode about vampires.


We learned about vampire bats (they are so small),



and Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia.

We listened to Star Talk’s podcast, Monsters with Bill Nye,


and learned why so many people, including Sky, are afraid of clowns from IFLS.


Culinary Arts

We learned the history of Halloween treats.


The Arts

We went to see a youth theater group’s performance of Oliver Twist.


The girls picked out a Dracula color page to add to their timeline binder.



We also watched a few of our favorite Halloween movies.



Walk Away the Pounds is back. We are starting with 2 miles to ease our way back.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. Peace for the journey.


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