Week In The Life ( Clearance Racked )

What a crazy year it has been. My unexpected back surgery, strike worries at Papa’s work, and now having part of our main sewer line replaced. I’ve been trying really hard to look on the bright side, but damn!

I am pretty lucky that Papa and I usually are able to do most home repairs ourselves. We have needed to replace, upgrade almost everything in our home, that’s kind of normal owning an older house. What is not normal, is everything in this house was half-assed, and nothing is standard size. So, were we surprised to learn that our sewer clean out wasn’t even attached to our sewer line? Nope, of course we weren’t.

We’ve had minor plumbing problems before, but over the weekend water started to back up through our bath tub. Well, long story short, because the sewer clean out wasn’t attached to the main sewer line, roots from our hedges grew in between the clean out and the main line blocking the water from going through. Looks like I’m not getting those 24 carat diamond earrings again this year for Christmas.

On top of everything else, my yearly cholesterol test didn’t come back as good as I wanted. My bad cholesterol was 117, and they would like it to be 99 or less. We made the switch to egg beaters, low fat dairy products and my numbers didn’t budge much. So, I am wondering that if mine didn’t budge, that maybe Papa’s might not have. He goes in for his test next month. Heart disease is horrible in his family. Most of the men in his family haven’t lived to see 60. I am wondering if it’s because our primary source of protein is beef. So, this year I don’t think we will be purchasing our 1/2 steer of beef (Which really sucks, because we love our cattle farmers). I am very thankful the girls love fish, and that Big Sis works behind a meat counter. She has already brought us some fresh sea bass and salmon they had on sale. I hate the American diet!


We had a shorter week because of Little Sis’s birthday. The girls always get their birthday off.

Language Arts


We finished Dracula. We read Dracula’s Guest, The Judge’s House by Stoker, and The Red Room by Lucy M. Montgomery.

The girls took the Dracula quiz from SparkNotes.



The girls finished the poem, The Bells by Edgar Allan Poe.




(Little Sis)

The girls silently read along while we listened to the poem being read.



Little Sis completed the 4th grade spelling List 5. Sky’s vocabulary came from The Bells poem.

paean, expostulation, beguiling, tintinnabulation, alarum, euphony, monody, voluminously, rapture, Runic


Warming up with XtraMath.

Little Sis, 3rd grade Math Made Easy workbook.

Sky did a couple worksheets finding the percent of a number. For starters, Fat Brain Toys sent me an e-mail celebrating their 13th year with 13% off merchandise. Sky “pretend” shopped for 3 items and calculated the total of her items and how much 13% off was. She added in shipping and handling, and 7% sales tax.

She pretended to be an accountant helping two imaginary people figure out their taxes, and shopped with coupons.




We watched Otis Art History’s video on Gothic art. I meant to watch both Gothic art videos together but forgot. (YouTube)


We watched a documentary about Vlad, Prince of Wallachia (YouTube), and the girls came up with 10 things they learned about him.



We also learned about Día De Los Muertos.

We watched a bunch of short videos from Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, and How Stuff Works about vampires. (YouTube)

Thirst of the Vampire –  Monster Science

The Origin of Halloween Traditions

What was the New England vampire panic?

Lilith and Vampire Myths: Stuff You Should Know Animated

And of course, the PBS series Indian Summer. There is so much to discus from this series. It’s leading us into next year’s big block on India.


Besides voting, we had discussions on what this election meant for our little town and city, and watched the results.


We took turns reading aloud and discussed the latest Science in the News episode.



The Arts

We watched a short animated film about the Day of the Dead celebration.

There has been lots of excitement around these parts over a certain movie release.



The girls had homeschool gym this week, and walking for Papa and myself. The temperatures here have been pretty mild thus far. I think for the first year ever, Little Sis had on shorts for her birthday. 🙂

We are taking this week off from any “schoolwork”. It’s what I like most about homeschooling year round. We work hard throughout the year, then by the time the holidays roll in, we can lighten up a bit and have fun.

Peace for the journey.


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