A Week In The Life (It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas)

Which is why, I need to post our lessons from last week ,before we start Christmas school.

I hope everyone, in the states ,had a Happy Thanksgiving. Something, that I’ve learned on this homeschooling journey of ours, is to not even attempt our regular school schedule during the holidays. The girls are distracted, I’m distracted, it just doesn’t work for us. Thus, Christmas school was created. All “lessons” are geared toward the holidays, and we focus more on having fun.

Usually, St. Nicholas brings a new game, Christmas puzzle, Christmas movie, and Christmas story on December 5, but the girls are getting older and stories are getting longer. So, St. Nick visited us a bit early. 🙂

For us, Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving. Papa gets the tree before the girls wake up, we eat Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast, then decorate the tree. We watch our city’s Circle of Lights celebration on television (Indianapolis, decorates our war monument with lights in the shape of a Christmas tree, then turns them on the day after Thanksgiving.). Then, we usually kick the Christmas movies off,  by watching the movie A Christmas Story.

I am getting a head of myself though.


Language Arts:


We finished both the Bridge to Terabithia and the Song of Hiawathia.

The girls took the quiz for the Bridge to Terabithia at SparkNotes.


We discussed the conflicts from the story, and the elements of flashback, and foreshadowing.

I decided to cut their last essay assignment. It seamed pointless. Instead, I am waiting until the new year. We will be digging into writing composition a little more.

The assignment will still be about character change, but they get to pick which story, and character. Little Sis chose the Hunger Games series, and Sky chose the Fire and Ice series (Game of Thrones).

I dislike pointless writing assignments. I do understand why certain assignments are given. You’re building writing skills. You learn to write by jumping in and writing. Since, that is the case, it doesn’t really matter what topic the girls are writing about. It’s about them learning those skills. At least, they can chose what they want to write about, for now.

Not to sway too off subject again, this was part of my point, from my last post. I want the girls, to enjoy learning. I want the girls, to want to read. If I instill a dislike for reading and writing now, they will always associate those feeling with those tasks. There will be plenty of time for them to detest writing later.

Learning, can happen from anything, anywhere, at anytime. From the good or bad.

I could easily come up with a study using the My Little Pony television series. There are tons of connections in that show. Why, I “preach” so much, about not being negative toward your child’s interests.

For example, the girls and I watched a video of the story, ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.

They found it hilarious. They understood the comedic symbolism. I am sure, at one time The Marx Brothers were not considered a magnificent means of entertainment. Hell, even Shakespeare wasn’t considered suitable during his time.


The girls copied the poem I Dream A World, by Langston Hughes in cursive.





The girls made a bar graph of their television hours, from last week.


(Little Sis)

Both girls discovered, they watch the most television on Fridays.

I found an article in the newspaper using a line graph as an example, showing the statistics collected, that I showed to the girls. (Working along with the book by Basher, Math, A Book You Can Count On, The Data Gang.)

We also watched the documentary, The Beauty of Diagrams episode 4 – about Florence Nightingale’s pie chart (YouTube).

Little Sis finished her 3rd grade math workbook. I’ve decided, instead of doing the 4th grade mathematics at Khan Academy first, she is going to work through Kumon’s 4th grade workbooks. Then, I will use Khan as an assessment of what she might need help with.( I love the Kumon series. I would love for them to include high school level books.)

We also tried solving a bridge riddle from TED Ed. You know, with the whole bridge theme and all.


A game I absolutely love, and highly recommend, that fits in perfectly with bridge building, is World of Goo.


And speaking of games, this year’s new game was a huge hit. We’ve been playing it all holiday weekend.


Labyrinth by Ravensburger. It’s a maze/puzzle game that constantly changes.



We watched the episode of How Stuff Works, about Turkeys.




This week was all about Thanksgiving. There was a video going around on Facebook, about everything that is wrong with what we know about Thanksgiving. I shared it with the girls. That’s another thing about homeschooling I love, I can cut out all the bullshit history and science propaganda taught in school. The girls learn, that there in more than just one point of view. What is truth for the U.S., might not be the truth for someone else.

We watched the Crash Course American History video, Colonizing America (YouTube), and PBS American Experience, The Pilgrims, where the girls learned the difference between the pilgrims and the puritans.


The Arts:

We watched and discussed the Bridge to Terabithia movie. We all agree, there are parts we like from the book best, and parts we like in the movie best.

We watched Rankin and Bass, A Mouse on the Mayflower, and listened to Family Theater’s radio show of The Courtship of Miles Standish (YouTube). We’ve read Longfellow’s poem before. We joke, that this was Little Sis’s first introduction to love triangles. She liked the poem when we read it.

Our new Christmas puzzle, was of The Nutcracker Ballet.


Little Sis, made Papa’s and my Thanksgiving/Christmas present.


She even added my hair up in the back. 🙂


We walked away the Pounds, 2 miles.


Happy holidays, and wishing everyone peace for the journey.




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